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Anaphylaxis anxiety


I'm not sure how common this fear is but it's really affecting me greatly. Im in total panic attack mode about getting anaphylactic shock due to medicine or food. I think I'm so freaked out over it that I start imagining my throat is closing up or im choking when nothing is happening. As with panic attacks it feels very real and scary.

Anyways, love to know if others can relate and what they do. Anxiety drugs don't seem to help.
A few years ago, I had tried Remicade for awhile. During my first treatment I was so
paranoid about that they had to stop the IV because my pulse rate was wickedly high.
So despite the Benedryl and Zyrtec both known to knock me out. I took a xanax and finished
my treatment. I did keep feeling like my throat was swollen, it wasn't.

I just started Remicade again yesterday, took the Xaxanx before I left home. I am also on Prednisone right now, I am sure that helped.



It's awful because it feels so real and scary and you know it's a possibility but the mind plays tricks on us.

I take klonopin before but it doesn't usually help.

I like to be sleepy during infusions so I can just do them and not think much about it.