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Anastomosis stricture

Cannot understand why I have not been on this forum before! but here goes.
I had a balloon dilation 8 months ago for an anastomosis stricture, an ileo-rectal join that was made 40 years ago when I had my colon removed. I have had Crohn's for 60 years, and that was the only surgery I have had. The dilation did not work, the latest MRI shows the situation exactly as before the dilation. I had a lot of bleeding after the dilation, was hospitalised, 2 units of blood, and got it under control with IV Tranexamic acid, so another dilation is not an option.
Stents I have been thinking, has anyone any knowledge of this being done, or even possible.? The site of the stricture is out of reach for the surgeon to simply do another resection and cut out the small area involved, and, having managed to avoid an ileostomy for the last 60 years, I would like to continue as I am, without a stoma.
Any thoughts from anyone?


Staff member
This could be termed the doctors dilemma...it is a very difficult situation to encounter
and how to resolve it could be anyone’s guess.
Maybe it will require more than one opinion to achieve an acceptable solution.
The surgeon may consider stents..have you discussed the options with them...
Hope you get your wish and do not end up with a stoma..