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And the symptoms return....Only worse

So, i finished the Flagyl two days ago, and am still on Cipro. when i was taking both my bloating subsided a bit, but the pain was still pretty constant, almost throughout my whole abdomen. Anyways, the past two days my symptoms have returned tenfold. My pain is awful, constant cramping, D is back, worse than before, and i'm noticing a decent amount of bleeding throughout my BM's....Today i had D, kind of, that was almost like a trillion little poop worms floating around in the toilet, all of them speckled with blood. Anyways, is this pretty common, after stopping Flagyl for symptoms to return worse relatively quickly? I just want to cry. I was driving home from my doctors appt., frankensteining, seriously terrified i was going to crap my pants, bawling. I'm just so frustrated! And even though i had some improvement, my GP doesn't want to do anything else until i see the GI again, on the 26th. :(
I haven't experienced the same symptoms as you, but I just wanted to say "hang in there". I hope you get to feeling better soon and get some answers when you go to the GI later this month. I know it sucks feeling awful and not seeing things get any better. Hopefully that will change for you in the near future


I'd probably try to get in to see the GI earlier, if you can. Blood in the stool is a bad thing! I was bleeding so much when I was first diagnosed that I fainted and needed a blood transfusion when they admitted me to hospital. I'm a bit surprised that your GP is taking this so lightly. If you have to, go to the ER.

Just my 2 cents...

the blood just re-started tonight, after i got home from the GP. I'll keep an eye on the bleeding, so far not quite enough for the emerg. i don't think, but enough to frustrate me. :(

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Hey Pam I have been on Flagyl and Cipro on and off but mostly on for over 5 years. I quit Flagyl a week ago because I am trying to no rely on it. Flagyl is nasty with how you feel but it does keep bacteria in check. Cipro is a broad spectrum but works better together. Proves to me Flagyl does work, at least for you and me, not 100% but when you go off, you get back into the pain. I don't bleed and hope I never do. Is the blood a dark red or light red? I am thinking it is not the Flagyl. Sorry I am not much help, but hopefully the 26th will roll around quick and get some answers to your pain. Hang in there sweetie. Keep us updated and what colour is the blood?
It's a bright red blood. Which makes sense, as they say i have ulcers in my rectum, so it's probably coming from them. I don't think the Flagyl is making me bleed or have the symptoms, i just wonder if it's not being on it that is bringing them back? I didn't really have much bleeding before though....a few times, but not much. I've been a couple times since and just passed small amounts of bloody mucous. Eek.

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Who knows maybe the Flagyl was helping and you werent on them long enough? Most docs do the 2 weeks 250mg X 4 a day, then when you stop it may not have gotten it all and came back. Cipro may not be helping you at the moment. Strange you are to drop the flagyl but not Cipro. IF you are on any of them the sides effect for flagyl is a buzzing feeling in your legs or feet and Cipro can cause pain in the ankles, that is the time to stop when I was on them. I kept on a low dose Flagyl and it kept it in check but you still havent been diagnose for Crohns yet? I have the mucous loss too and hopfully the CT scan yesterday will show that.
He gave me one week of Flagyl 250 x3/d, and ten days Cipro 500? 2x/d. Still don't have a diagnosis, nope....Hoping the GI will have some sort of answers for me, or i dunno....I might have to gut myself.
Hey Pam - I'm hugging you girl!!! Just wanted to say - what do you think about this...maybe the bleeding started because you had to hold it for a while on the way home from the docs office and that may have irritated stuff in your rectum and caused the bleeding? I have had this happen before - not bad bleeding or anything, but definitely irritation from holding it for too long. Lasted a day or two before it cleared up. Just thought maybe (hopefully) that was it. I hope it clears up for you buddy!! Hang in there - the 26th is not toooo far away!!
thanks so much for the hugs Shaz, Peaches, and for the kind comments from everyone. I don't know what i would do without this place, it's been such a lifesaver. Peaches, i actually wondered the same thing....Hopefully that's the case!
Oh Hun that is not good at all... poor little chicken. Big ((((((HUGS)))) from me too. Hope you start to feel better soon darl... can feel how frustrated you much be.