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Anemia- IV supplements

My doctor called tonight and e wants to start me on an Iron IV for anemia. Anyone else have it and explain what to expect.


Yes, depending on the type of infusion and how anemic you are it can be anywhere from 1-2 15 min push IV doses and short term observation for side effects to several 2-3 hour infusions by IV drip. It really depends on the treatment your doctor ordered.
I have Crohn's and am anemic, have always had trouble with it. Last November I had a total blockage and had surgery. During surgery I had a blood transfusion which was due to anemia. So about two months ago I had my first IV iron injection which took about 4 and a half hours. You get some Benadryl first and a small test dose then if you do fine they proceed with injection. Afterwards I was a bit tired and I was achy for a few days later. It took a few weeks to notice a difference but it did help. The doctor said I would probably need another in a year, we will see. Good luck with your injection and don't worry about it, compared to all the other things we go through its a piece of cake!
I got the old form of iron which is about 6 hours total. 5 on IV then 1 hour observation. It was pretty easy. They even served sandwiches lol. I was pretty tired after.
Hi , I'm getting iron by iv 1x week for 10 weeks it takes about 2 hours . I have had 5 infusions and am currently in a flare so my levels are up and down but I do feel the iron is starting to kick in and give me a litte more energy. Best wishes to you .
Thanks everyone. I wonder why it's making you tired and sore? Is it bc of the Benadryl? Does the iron bound you up? I already have problems with that so I'm VERY nervous how this will work. Thanks for all of your comments. I love this site. I can get real advice ;-)


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I get the newer form of iron and it only takes about 15-20 minutes - takes longer for them to put the IV in me than it does for the infusion to run! I also felt pretty tired for a day or so afterwards but I didn't have any Benadryl so I think it might just be down to the iron. One of the good things about iron infusions is that it bypasses the gut so I didn't have any GI side effects like constipation - which was amazing in itself as I seemed to with every other supplement!

I hope the iron helps out with your anaemia :)
I just had one today.

It might change by country, but mine was about 2 hours.

I am admitted atm, so I got to have dinner whilst it was in and I haven't had any ill effects so far. Just a little tingling in my fingers during it and a few botched IV's before. Doesn't feel like anything too major. :)


I've had an iron IV twice. Mine took awhile but like vonfunk said: it's just like any other IV otherwise.

Be warned the iron might stain your skin a little if it gets on it, but that goes away pretty fast.
They called today. I guess I'm getting transfusions every 3 days for 15 dys. Do you usually need more after that point?


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It's hard to say, it depends on the person. I only had them as part of hospital stays, and even then they were in conjunction with blood transfusions.
I was reading different things on this last night. Did any of you have weight gain after? Sick, fatigue and sore muscles? I really should stay away from researching things. Lol! It will be the death of me :)