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Ankle Pain

Hi Everybody

I recently submitted a faecal calpapractin sample and the consultant phoned me last Tuesday with regards to the result and a general checkup.

She informed me that my CPR was high with a score of 14 and I do have a flare up at this current time. However, not sure if it’s Crohns related or not, but the inside of my right ankle
is swollen and a pain to walk on, so was just wondering if this could be related to a Crohns flare up? Also how can you reduce the pain?

Many thanks for any response and keep safe everybody

my little penguin

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Crohns can have extra intestinal manifestations (EIM) one of those is ibd associated arthritis.
This can move from joint to joint .
It can also only flare when your crohns flare or flare independently of crohns flares

Ds was dx with crohns at age 7 and ibd associated juvenile arthritis at age 10
He is now almost 17.

ankles are tricky to treat
Rheumatologist would be best to evaluate your joints

for ds things that help his ankles /heels

warm jet foot spa -yes it does help some
Dr scholls gel heel inserts for your shoes
Hot paraffin wax put on paper strips and placed on the ankle (or hands etc..) - he has Therabath version but we know his ankles and hands are bad

volteran gel -prescribed by his doc to put on his ankle (Achilles tendon )
Some folks do better with ice
He has done that
Swimming in a heat pool
Great for all joints

as far as meds since they know his arthritis is worse than his crohns and flares independently
He takes Stelara every 4 weeks fir crohns /arthritis
He also take methotrexate for arthritis
And Celebrex
His stomach and intestine were nice pink and healthy only minor inflammation in his ti on his last scope so Gi is ok with Celebrex daily for his joints

Please see a rheumatologist who is familiar with spondyloarthritis

hope you get relief soon.

Lady Organic

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Could also be some kind of tendon inflammation unrelated to IBD and due to mechanical issues in foot or ankle. Two main tendons pass in the inside ankle to support the whole plantar arch and feet, lots of stress can be put in this region of the foot/ankle.
A physiotherapist is a good professional to consult for a isolated joint issue and to get a fast first impression on possible cause and treatment. make sure you mention your IBD diagnosis, as they are well aware of arthritis conditions in IBD too.
Icing the zone for a max of 15 min, 3 to 4 times a day could be beneficial to reduce inflammation.
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