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Another bad day

Went for the CT SCAN today. The contrast fluid has me burning and cramping.
Waiting on results for resection and 2 fistula surgery. Had another accident today. You would think after 35 years I could make it to the bathroom. Very un-dignified right now.

Has anyone ever had a problem with the contrast fluid they had to drink for the CT SCAN?


Ugh sorry I hope they find a solution soon for you. Contrast always makes me nauseas lately. I used to be on with it but I can't stand it anymore. A lot of people don't feel well after.
Thanks for the insight. I felt bad with the barium drink 2 months ago. Now this stuff is just as bad. I did not think it would put me in this much pain though. Just another notch in the crohn's belt.
What kind of contrast did you have?
I had something like 4 cups of Metamucil and it caused a complete blockage and a weeks hospital stay with lots of hydrocortisone etc until it resolved. The upside was that the strictures were very clear on the scan!
Dont know the name. It was like a crystal light drink with something mixed in. Drank one cup then 30min later drank most of another and saved a few sips for when they started the scan another 30 min after that. It instantly blew up my belly. Instant pain where the terminal ileum is and on the left side also. I have been throbbing all day there. Belly talking. Several bouts of diarrhea one with blood. " sorry to be grafic".
Never tmi on this forum:D
Maybe they gave you something fibrous too which is causing the pain. I would probably stick to liquids until it's all gone and you feel better, you don't want an emergency resection!
I dont wont an emergency anything at the local hospital here anyway. Lol

in November when I had my Gallbladder removed, they wanted to tell me I had an ulcer and send me home. I come unglued on the doctor. Told him I have had an ulcer or two, they dont make you puke out of both ends, give me an adonimal ultrasound or I will go somewhere that will. He changed his tune when he got the results. 36 hours later im in surgery.