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...Another colonoscopy? ...Is it really necessary?

Hi guys!

Well, I had an appointment today with a new GI here in Quebec. Not really sure what to think...

After telling him that the last 2-3 days before my Humira injection I get symptoms returning, such as cramps, nausea, urgency and some diarrhea (no blood) - he has scheduled me for a colonoscopy in 2 weeks to check things out before he increases the dose. Really?! Ugh!! That'll make 3 in the last 4 years.

I'm kind of thinking about cancelling the appointment, and just dealing with those 4-6 days a month before my injections when I don't feel so great. :S

Sorry, OK, it's not that big of a deal, it's just that with moving and starting this new life here, it's been pretty overwhelming! I was so flustered with traffic and making it to my appointment on time, I didn't realise the parking lot I parked in was very pricey ($20 for 1 hr!!!) And, now, to have to deal with prepping, and finding someone to give me a ride home... it's just not what I want to have to deal with right now. I don't even know if anyone CAN give me a ride home! Arrrrrgh. What would you do, if you were me?

I think another c-scope before upping the dose would be a good idea, but as you are only having a few off days a month and have alot going on I would postpone it. I mean, it's not like you're spending weeks with these symptoms.


Hi Sharon. No one like colonoscopy prep. Sorry you have another in your near future.

Perhaps it's worth a call to your GI? I'll go way out on a limb ;) and say it's no secret to your GI that his patients aren't all that excited for a colonoscopy. I'm not a doctor, but it sounds to me from your description that he wants to look for something specific before changing the way he treats you. Maybe he can tell you what he's thinking and you'll value its importance?

I have my third scope this year on Tuesday, so I'm probably not the person you should listen to if you want to avoid this one. ;) I tell you that though, in case misery really does like company.


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3 scopes in 4 years doesn't sound out of the ordinary. Sounds pretty normal. My GI did one once a year when I wasn't in remission yet. Do your best to find a ride even if its a taxi and you have to hit someone up for some cash instead. Would I do it? Yes I would.
I know in the UK they insist on someone taking you home, and a taxi does not count as appropriate if you will be going alone. And we only get twilight sedation lol.

I think talking to your GI is a great idea, as you can get his/her reasoning behind the request. And you can tell them your current difficulties, see if they would agree to postpone for a month or two so you can get sorted and then be ready for the procedure.
Twilight sedation? What is that? Doesn't sound like a lot of sedation. That would frighten me. I always get well sedated. I don't want to see anything and I certainly don't want to feel anything!!
HI Sharon, i would go ahead with the colonoscopy, it won't hurt to see if there are any changes in your bowel region and it will help determine what the next dosage would be for you even your feeling ok there's some symptoms hanging around. I guess he wants to make sure that there isn't else going on in there.I realize the expense but you could ask your family for some money to lessen the cost and get a run home in a taxi or if your up it, or get a ride home with a friend.Either way it's your decision. Best wishes.
Thanks, everyone, I think I know what I'm going to do. I will go ahead with the colonoscopy, but will postpone it a few more weeks while I'm getting myself sorted out.