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Another Med - Entyvio?

I was diagnosed in 2013 but my doctor figured I had it for several years. I tried humara, cimzia and 2 others and nothing worked. I had 36 inches out of my small intestine. It was supposed to be a 3 to 5 day stay. Well the bag was going nuts after surgery. They said when the out put was below 1,000ml I could go home. Well that never happened it was pumping out over 3,000ml so on the 16th day in the hospital they asked me if I minded if they tried hooking everything back up. I was a little nervous as they told me I would be wearing that bag for 3 to 6 months. She said they have never done it this quick but if I was cool with it she would try. Well duh hook me back up so I can be bag free. So after 21 days I got to come home and basically do nothing for 6 weeks. I wasn't on any meds for 2 months because the surgeon didn't want me on anything. My crohns is as bad now as before surgery. I just started Entyvio last week. They say it takes 20 weeks to work if it will. I have my doubts as 5 meds haven't worked. If I eat anything it's coming out within an hour and a half so I don't go out much. They said they could put me back on the prednisone but I said I would rather feel like crap. (pun intended) It just bums me out that I can't do the things I used to. If anyone has taken Entyvio and info would help

Welcome Don! I haven't started Entyvio yet, but there are lots here that have. Join/read the support forum to see their experiences.

You've been through quite the roller coaster! I am amazed that they would hook things back up so quickly.

Hope things get better for you.
Just finished Entyvio. Unfortunately it didn't work. It has gotten very good response but not in my case. It does take awhile for it to work and it is designed to focus on the damaged area. Its not as invasive as the others so I' d give it a try.

Good luck!
Hi, I am supposed to start Entyvio soon. I have also had the bag and a reconnection surgery and I am also from Michigan so we have a few things in common. I was just curious if you have tried Entyvio and how it worked for you and how you are doing now?