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Another pred thread!!! Exciting!!!!

Hey guys just a teeny bit of advice please?

Just taken my 3rd dose of 40mg/day pred. Last night after 2 days on pred I was woken up in the night by my crohns again (a sure sign things are bad!). So I'm just wondering, I've never had a course of pred before... how long do these babies take to work roughly? Should I be worried that it's not working?


ive found that about a week to feel the easing effects and a fortnight for it to really do its stuff ive neen on pred basically for 9 years ish at high ish doses, cept last year but am back on it again hoping another week and ill be able to eat normally again give it a few weeks at 40 mg im sure itll kick in for you and youll feel the difference
Thanks! So after just 2-3 days it's a little optimistic to expect a dramatic change? lol

Hope you're feeling well soon!

For me all the symptoms took about 3 or 4 days to go away.. the bowel related symptoms were the last to go. The arthritis symptoms disappeared in a few hours though, that was wonderfull :)
When I started taking predisone my doctor said it would take 1-2 days to start to feel better. Well my dose was only 20 mg and I just have inflammation and bad cramps. So I felt better after probably the 2-3 day. I still have some cramping but not like before. I'm weaning right now and still have the occasional cramps but I am taking entocort too.
Hey guys, I'm on day 4 and they symptoms are EASING!! I've had a relatively normal BO this morning and I slept all night without needing the loo and my HUGE mouth ulcer is smaller and less painful :) it's WORKING!!! I'm sooooo happppyy!!

I know it wont last and I will flare again at some point, but for now I'm ecstatic!

I've never been on pred, just wanted to say sorry you had to go on it, lulu, that really sucks. But SO glad to hear it's working and you're feeling better! :)
Hav been on the stuff for 3 weeks now, and tapering, and just had my first normal BM in over a year! Not to loos, not to hard, no blood, no 2hour pain afterwards, just perfect!:worthy: And as I have painfully learned, it IS the little things that makes a difference.
Sometimes Pred can be an awful drug, but its also the most wonderful drug in the world :D Good Luck!
Thanks deedee!! It is a bummer to be on it but it's not for long and it's WORKING!!! I functioned like a normal human today and went out! I'm VERY tired now, but my pain has been MUCH less, my toilet visits have amounted to ONE (I cant quite believe this myself!!) and my mouth ulcer as i mentioned before, although to look at it still quite big, its definitely shrinking and doesnt hurt like it did!

Nisso I agree, right now pred is the most wonderful drug!! :) I've been NORMAL today.... it's been a good day and I'm so happy I could cry!!

I, also, have to take prednisone. It taste terrible! I have to take thirty ml, but will start weening off soon. It makes my face swell up and I look like I have a fish bowl on my face. Normally, my face is very pale, but with the prednisone, I look like I'm sun burned and I haven't even gone outside!

When I was in the hospital, they gave me the IV steroid, but they switched me to oral and it's like I took a couple steps back. The prednisone really started to work orally after about two weeks compared to the IV which only took a few days.
The best description I've heard of prednisone is that it's like a credit card, buy now pay later. Happy it's working for you but please be very careful with it especially when you are tapering off of it.
Lol buy now pay later.... well it's only been a short course so I'm optimistic it will be ok!! Just enough to reign things back into some sort of control.

Lol thanks Bruscar... I took it down cos well read the red part of my signature... I'm uncertain of how much anonymity to give myself if i'm honest... I also have to be careful of what advice i give, hence the disclaimer... im new to this and just finding my feet i guess!! :)