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Another trigger food uncovered

The last five years the only issues I have with CD is abdominal cramps due to a trigger food. I managed to identify the culprits but CD can develop a new reaction at any time. I recently had to add popcorn to the list, and I had been eating it regularly without issues - no more.

I like the flavored coffees. I brew it myself so it isn't too strong, and never had a flavored coffee trigger cramps. Well I found that Jamaica Me Crazy not only caused bad cramps but it really jacked up the metabolism. Simple ones like French vanilla, hazelnut, etc are still OK. The offending coffee is a mix of three flavored syrups, either it was the combination or one of them so I'll have to note them and be cautious.

I "test" my system from time to time. Had to cut pepperoni out of my diet and a month ago I tried one slice of pizza with just three slices of pepperoni. I didn't get the cramps but I had terrible indigestion and flatulence. On just that little pepperoni!
Sausage and or mince sets me off. Curried sausages from our butcher taste's awesome, but pay for it next day or two.
Thinking oysters are a trigger also. ( more than two or three )
Cut down on sugar drinks and bread products, picked that one up on this forum.