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Another Update


I've been having a rough go. I am in constant pain/bloating etc. I have thankfully not had a D episode in a month or so (I've gone & jinxed myself now) but still having C issues.

I have seen the Gyno and I have a lap scheduled for December 30, 2011. I am hoping this will provide more answers & insight as to what has been going on with me for almost a year now (if not longer).

New Years will suck but hopefully the meds will be good!!
That's great they got you in so soon, but sad its so close to new years eve!! Hopefully it goes well and they figure something out :)
Good luck!
I had a test once on the 23rd December and it was soooooo good to get it over and done with before xmas! And another on the 2nd Jan which sucked. At least the New Year will start for you with a nice feeling of getting the op over.
I would suggest you begin a diary and write down everything you eat and drink and then when you are experiencing pain. Something is contributing to this and you should be able to tell within a few days how you are responding to a particular food or drink. Food and drink truly affects your health.


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Ellipse, best of luck with the laprascopy! This New Year's Eve may indeed suck (although you'll be on some good drugs at the time so maybe it won't suck!) but hopefully they'll find something to go on and all your future holidays can be pain-free. Fingers crossed for you! Looking forward to hearing how it went!


Good luck! I have thought about getting laproscopy as well...my OBGYN wants to do one to see what he can find. I have had a good friend do a laproscopy to find evidence of an autoimmune disease and it found autoimmune gastritis, because her stomach was inflamed to twice its normal size. When test after test can't find whats wrong, sometimes you just have to go in and figure it out I guess.I wish you the best of luck!
I have mixed emotions about the lap. I am just trying to remain hopeful that they will find something so I can look at treatment etc.

17 days!!