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ANTI SPASM MEDS: what do you take?

What anti-spasm meds are out there and which ones seem to work for most people? What have been the side effects you have experienced as well, when taking them?

Love to your bellies
Hi, I take Dycyclomine . It makes me have bad cotton mouth and I feel tired and out of sorts. It does seem to help with spasms . It's worth taking for me!
Dycyclomine (Bentyl), hyoscyamine (HyoMax) and methscopolamine (Pamine) are the top antispasmodics prescribed in the US. Dry mouth and drowsiness are common side effects with these.
I think the benefit of taking dycyclomine outweigh the side effects. You still need to take it as scribed by you Dr. Even if you feel better. Hope it works as well for you. Oh, make sure you don't drive I until you know how it effects you:)!