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Antibiotics with humira?

antibiotics with humira?

does anyone take any antibiotics while they are on Humira?
I have multi fistula's and DR. has me on cipro and flagyl, as well as now doing weekly humira shots.

Is anyone else taking antibiotics while on Humira? My question and concern is, will taking the antibiotics diminish Huliara's effectiveness? or the other way around..Humira diminishes the anitibiotixs effects?
the leafletdoesnt mention it..but I just skimmed through it. is says dont take with infection and/or monitor closely while taking it.

I would think lot's of us take Humira to heal active fistula's... which are related to crohn's itself.

Im curious who else has been taking antibiotics for crohns' and Humira too at the same time?
Cipro and/or Flagyl as required. My Docs are ok with this if there are signs of on-going infection E.G. increased drainage from the fistula or increased pain/lumps in the surrounding area. I'm allowed to keep a supply of antibiotics at home for use at my own discretion. I just let them know if I start taking them and a decision is taken about a follow-up with the GIs or Surgeons as appropriate. I've not had to miss a dose of Humira under these circumstances. You have to apply common sense and get your self to the Hospital if the infection gets worse and you experience a high temperature, night sweats, generally unwell etc.