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Hi everyone.
So for some reason, whether it’s dental or I end up having some sort of an infection like an ear infection or something, I’ve been having to go on antibiotics every couple of years for the past 4 years or so. It so frustrating because every time I tell my primary doctor that obviously because I have UC I would prefer to try anything else and not have to take antibiotics because they give me a flare up every single time! And I feel lucky for the most part because my condition isn’t that bad. I’m in remission on Remicade but every time I take even the smallest dose of antibiotics, even if it’s just for a couple weeks, it’ll put me in a full blown flare up. My primary doctor always says that most people have issues with antibiotics and to just take probiotics with it. I’ve tried it in the past. Did research and bought the very best probiotics and they didn’t help at all.

Anybody else experience this with antibiotics or feel crazy when you have to see your primary sometimes?

my little penguin

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Did your Gi give you prescription strength probiotics (visobiome double strength packets ) are by prescription only
Used to treat UC
Has a lot of studies on it done

My kiddo has been on them for many many years
We also make sure he takes them at least 2 hours I. The evening after the last dose of the day of abx
He was dx at 7 now almost 18

so if abx are given twice a day at 7 am and 7 pm
He waits to take the probiotics till 9 pm

even family members without crohns
Do the same just a very week otc version

The visobiome capsule are not strong enough to help my kiddo
Only the double strength packets (900 billon per packet )
Insurance doesn’t cover it but
We use an rx app to get a coupon which puts it around $60 fir 30 packets

so not too bad
I don't have any experience with it, but I hope you find relief.

Did you mean every couple of months?
Because every couple of years, over the past 4 years, is like twice.
Which is still unpleasant, but every couple of months sounds awful
There is plenty of research now linking antibiotics strongly to disturbing the gi microbiome, you have made some good observations that are backed by science that's for sure.