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Does anyone know what the typical outward signs/symptoms are that might indicate whether you're developting antibodies to Remicade.

I seem to be getting conflicting advice, and can't seem to get much information on the topic.

I know the bloodtest is truly the only way to know for sure, but would like to know what signs to look for ahead of time.
Thanks for you reply.

My Daughter had pretty severe joint pain after her last infusion. Been on Remicade for 2yrs.

It only lasted one day, and she felt totally fine the next morning. No other issues with effectiveness.
depending on what country you are in, there is a blood test you can have…a new one, that can test for antibodies….I had it done TODAY, in Australia….before my infusion of Remicade…….i guess, ask your GI, i have no idea what the test is called, but i had it done today - 10ml of blood off to the immunologist lab in Melbourne.