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Antibody numbers for vaccine

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Predictors of vaccine response were found using a multivariate ordinal logistic regression model with stepwise variable selection. Vaccine response was separated into no response (<50 IU/mL), partial response (50–250 IU/mL), and clinically relevant response >250 IU/mL). P < 0.1 determined if a variable was included in the model.
thus 1 µg/mL = 11.4 IU/mL
Conversion needed

Ds levels were tested in.µg/mL for his study nc study Which is why they seemed so low vs other studies tested in IU/ml units but were marked as high on the results

In his case 1687 IU/ml after 3 shots ( it was 3 months after 3 shot when levels were taken.)
Waiting for blood draw instructions again since he got the booster (4th shot) in Jan

my little penguin

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We were concerned at first given his numbers were 148 mu g /ml and only saw high numbers as in international IU/ml in reports
This is the first paper found that offers a conversion factor 😀


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New York, USA

I just looked at my past results (going to get a blood draw next week probably)...

11/21 - 18 ug/mL (high) = 205.2 IU.mL
5/21 - 23 ug/mL (high) = 262.2 IU.mL