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Anticipating my first resection surgery...

Hi All,

As you know, I've been having trouble off and on with bowel obstructions due to stricturing. At first they thought I only had one fibrotic stricture and that the other two problem areas were mainly inflammation. However, after my recent MRI it looks like I have two significant strictures in the distal to terminal ileum instead of one. Thankfully my proximal issues in the higher ileum and jejunum seem to be better. In any case between the two strictures, I will probably be getting approximately 25-30 cm resected on June 24th. As this will be my first surgery I am wondering what to expect in terms of recovery. Thanks in advance and hope you are all well!
My recovery was slow but I had emergency open surgery not planned.

If they can do laparoscopic not open you’ll recover quicker.

My advice for hospital is peppermint tea and ginger biscuits as the anaesthetic can leave you feeling pretty sick. Audiobook as you may not be up to reading. Eye mask and ear plugs as wards are noisy.

If you have a loved one who can sneak you in some smoothies then go for it because hospital food is shocking (not helped by point 1, nausea)

Once home REST and no heavy lifting and you may not be insured to drive for six weeks. Stock up on soft low fibre food - mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, custard etc etc. You might lose some weight while in hospital. I ate loads of white bread sandwiches with ham, cheese, butter, full fat mayo and avocado. A good multi vitamin post op to help heal but careful pre op as some vitamins thin the blood.
Longer term, Pilates (with a physio).
Hope it goes well.
@Delta_hippo thanks so much for all the suggestions! Yes, my mom makes a really good dairy free coconut milk pudding that I lived off of after my last obstruction as well as scrambled eggs and mashed carrots and potatoes. I am hoping to have my mom bring me these things as well as smoothies while I am in because as you say, hospital food is not so great. I also have a dairy free version of an ensure type drink that I will bring with me (the whey and soy proteins in ensure is not my friend.) My surgery is anticipated to be laparoscopic which should help my recovery. I will make sure to bring some peppermint tea with me! Will keep you posted on how it goes.