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Anxiety and Depression

So I have Crohn's disease. It's been ongoing for 7 years without remission. This year I've been in the hospital constantly since March. Staying 1-3 weeks at a time. I had a bad Crohn's flare which resulted in appendicitis and acute renal failure. In June I had an ileostomy placed. I was very depressed after the surgery because after I left the hospital I developed an infection. I could barely move, had difficulty breathing, and was severly dehydrated. Which earned me another week in the hospital. During this whole 5 month period I pushed away my best friends. It wasn't really intentional. I just felt that they didn't get it. They don't have medical problems and don't know what it's like to go through basically hell and feel hopeless often. I was also dating someone, but broke it off since it wasn't fair to him to deal with me constantly being sick. My mom has been a huge help with supporting me, staying at the hospital, fighting with insurance, etc. I just sometimes still wonder if it will always be like this and what life will look like. It makes me anxious to think about it
I'm sorry you're having a hard time. What medications are you on? Maybe you need to go on something else. It can take a while to get into remission. It's easy to become isolated when you're ill. Why don't you try to reconnect and get together on days you feel better. Most people don't get it. I no longer discuss my illness with people, so as not to get wacky advice on how to "cure" myself. You are a lot stronger than you think, you can get through this. :ghug:


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I feel for you. I was in a similar situation after my surgery for a colostomy, it was a long slow climb out of a lot of pain and mental anguish. Its not easy and probably never will be. People don't get it, not even my family. I feel that I am living my life on the other side of the fence. I don't feel lonely about it anymore since I am far from alone, and coming to this forum is comforting.
I pushed away my best friends. It wasn't really intentional. I just felt that they didn't get it.
Yes. Same thing happened with me. I also lost a lot of friends who drifted away, because they (I think) were fed up with me constantly making plans and then breaking them off.

But you can relate to that I am sure. You feel you can go to the cinema, but come that day you are overcome with fatigue and need to cancel.

I can only suggest doing what I did. I joined a guided meditation group and a reiki group. The reiki group was particularity good, as I could attend even if utterly fatigued, as I could lay on a couch and other attendees would send me good vibes whilst not expecting anything in return from me :ysmile:, and along the way I made new friends


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Hi Elle,
I understand how you feel it is hard when you are in pain and constantly tired, I found people used to say to me "don't you look well" I could have screamed. It will get better and you will cope.
The forum will help you and you will know that you are not alone keep your chin up