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Anxiety and Entocort

Hello everyone,

I have been feeling anxious and need to vent...
This place is the only place, where I feel people can relate and understand.
I know that I should be grateful for the entocort working and releiving me of horendous pain.
And that a lot of people have it much more worst than me!

But the entocort seems to alter my moods. I was trying to stop smoking, and it did not work. Was getting very impatient.. with the people I love, and the people at my workplace.

Went for more blood analysis, in immuno this time, I am a bit nervous about the results.

Now, since about 2 weeks , I have started having pain in the shoulders, on and off.
I don’t know if it is a new symptom of my illness, or a side effect of meds.

Also, my gastro specialist has asked me to cut all dairy for two weeks. I have trouble functionning without coffee.
So far, the one coffee withening substitute, that I have tried is undrikable, and will make me vomit.
Does anyone know of a decent unsweetened non dairy coffee whitener???

Thank you so much


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I was thinking the same. There might be something in the vegetarian section of your local grocery store too. You could check in the dairy section as well for alternatives, they may be near the coffee creamers. I now drink my coffee black, keeps it easy. I hope you can enjoy a coffee and feel better soon.
Thank you so much for replying.
My doctor mentionned also the almond milk, but unfortunetly, I can not bring any nuts into the house, as my child has life threatning allergies to nuts.
I will try getting used to drinking it black.

my little penguin

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There are many subs for nut allergy
My kiddo has tree nut allergy

Ripple milk -pea protein - not safe for the kiddo to drink (made in the same lines as other nut products but then cleaned )

Oat milk

Coconut milk -so delicious (again made on the same lines but cleaned so not for your kiddo )

There is rice and hemp milk as well
Plus soy non dairy

Most grocery stores carry them
Whole Foods has a lot of non dairy
Coffee creamers are often dairy free, I find the liquid ones better than powdered ones. My coffee this morning has vanilla caramel creamer in it. I use CoffeeMate.

Pain in shoulders could be due to anxiety. I tend to clench my jaw when I’m stressed which then gives me headaches.