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Anxiety :( please help!

so a few years ago i was in hospital vomiting blood, still no firm diagnosis although ibd or chrons suspected. ive been find for about a year

but im on my second year of teacher training and currently in a school with no support. i cry all the time, not eating, constantly going to the loo. up at 5am every morning throwing up stomache acid :(

im so fed up and tired of feeling so ill :( i want to quit but my mum wont let me. going to the docs tonight but i dunno whatta do x
Hi Laura - welcome to the forum :)
I am sorry you are having a difficult time.
Vomiting blood must have been scary. I am so glad to hear you are going to the doctor. I can relate not wanting to on one hand because it requires energy and it can be embarrassing...invasive but if you do have IBD...it will get worse untreated. It may also help you be less anxious to know what is happening with your body. Please let us know what happened.
Hi Laura

I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. Vomiting blood isn't good. I am glad that you will be seeing the doctor today. I know that it is hard to not be anxious about all of this, but be strong. Before you go to the doctor today, write down all of your questions and symptoms, so that you don't forget any of them, it helps.

My thoughts and prayers are with you today to hopefully get some treatment from your doctor.

Big Hug


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Laura, I am not a pill pusher, but when I was teaching and under a great deal of pressure, I did take medication to ease the anxiety. It helped greatly. It may be something you want to discuss with your doctor. I hope things turn around for you soon.
Hi and welcome Laura,

it sounds like you've had a difficult time but hopefully you can get a confirmed diagnosis and start some treatment rather than suffering

Good luck with the docs :hang:


Hi Laura - Hope you get some answers tonight from the doc. Vomitting blood is never a good sign!

Hope you start to feeling better soon!

- Amy
well the doctor i had to see isnt my usual doctor...and he isnt the one to give out tablets either!! he said all i need to do is get through 1 week of stress and everything will be ok..i did disagree but he said i have to try it ecause stress can make symptoms worse. if it doesnt get better after this week i will be ringing my consultant at the hospital to see what he says because im still not eating enough and have lost 7 pounds since sunday and i didnt know it was possible to loose that much x
Hi Laura,

I started feeling ill my 3rd year of college. It is so hard to manage the stress of school (I also went to school to be a teacher) and the stress of this disease. Especially when there are people who flare bc of stress. I just graduated in December and I am worried about getting a job because you can't be a teacher and have to go to the bathroom and throw up all the time.

I know it's hard but while I was in school I pretty much ate plain rice and plain chicken every day. I tried to get lots of rest and take things one day at a time. Make sure you focus on the positive and not the negative - as that will stress you out more. And keep coming here for support!

I hope you get some answers!


Yes, stress makes symptoms worse. However...once you're stressed your inflamation increases. Now this doesnt get better after a week! Even if you're practically comatose with no stress!

That Dr sounds like he is 'passing the buck' to me!
The doctor said my teacher was a B1tch but that another week of stress would be ok...it quite clearly isnt. ive got some quiet life to take so im hopin ghat helps me to sleep but i dont want to be ill again it terrifies me :( i dont like hospitals!! x
Feel better soon!
I agree with others on here, you need to find ways to stay calm. Stress can start up a flare of symptoms, even the very worst of them. Are you being treated for anxiety?? There are lots of meds out there that can help with that. No anxiety means no extra stress on the tummy.
i have quietlife which knocked me out last night for some sleep. ive failed my eaching placement and am strangly calm about it dont knwo if thats good or not!!
Hey Laura,

Its easy for all of us to say chill out but we are not feeling the anxiety that you are at the present.

However we all have had very trying times in the past and like you at the present too.

The big thing that you must try to remember is that we all do feel for you and the difficulties that you face at the present.

Try to take a step back, remember an exam or placement can be repeated year afer year.

Your health is your wealth, and without it you won't be doing anything.

So big hugs to you and everything will work out