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I just had a meeting with my phycologist who thinks my anxiety levels are way too high and wants me to ask my family doctor for meds just for a short while. Can anxiety be the cause of my crohnic diarrhea. I know I have been really nervous lately and I'm wondering if this could be the cause of my problems. Because I've gone through so many tests which have all come back either negative or inconclusive.

Just a thought.
I say Yes... ohh yes...

"Can anxiety be the cause of my crohnic diarrhea?"

Hi Daunting,
I find it informative to look at this way...
If you were about to give a speech to a large group,
or if you were next to be called in for a job interview,
you might find your guts tied up in knots or we often refer to
an unsettled tummy as 'butterflies'.

We are familiar with the mind/body connection and it seems to make good sense.
Likewise, I can see a connection between stress/anxiety and my digestive function.
Many with digestion challenges say stress sends them to the toilet.
I believe it works that way for me.

Each must decide for themself.
hope you feel better,

ps there is no way high anxiety helps bowel function!
Daunting.......I was diagnosed with Crohns 29 years ago after first being diagnosed with RA at 21. Its been a long hard battle that I continue to fight.
To answer your question, YES, anxiety and stress can definately effect all of your body. Anxiety and stress makes your adrenal glands produce and send out cortisone because your brain thinks that you are in danger. The over production of cortisone starts to effect your immune system.
Learning to deal with and control your stress will basically help you stay healthy. Once your immune system becomes damaged, it can damage many parts of your body and ultimately your health.
I have a general family doctor that I live beside. He was very concerned for me when I was diagnosed with Crohns. He stated to me that he always referred to the disease as the "Stress disease". So, yes....anxiety (which I have) and stress (which my job also gives me) do increase the symptoms of Crohns, such as diarrhea or bowel disfunction....
Thank you all.

Sometimes I wonder if I am causing myself more problems then I should have with my anxiety levels. So far all my tests have either come back negative or inconclusive but yet I still have pains and diarrhea. I know I am terrified of not knowing what I have but ultimately that maybe my undoing.
I go see my family doctor today.

thanks guys
How did the doctor visit go? I know that my anxiety/stress kicks my bm's in. Working with my family, I can attest to this. I've gotten into arguments before, only to have to run to the toilet. Same with anxiety in a waiting room for a doctor. I believe there is a direct connection. It might not explain all of it, but certainly some.