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I have, along with depression.
It's well worth talking to your doctor about it.
I have Major Depression with Anxiety. I've had it just as long, if not longer, than the Crohn's. I take 2 medications daily and have a great therapist I've been seeing for years and years. It is an illness that should be taken as seriously as the Crohn's. It is very treatable though and does not have to impair the quality of your life.
I would start with your PCP. They may feel comfortable prescribing a medication as well. When as basic anti-depressent works, then PCP can manage the meds. If the depression is more complicated, then its best to see a specialist. Your PCP can refer you to a psychiatrist or even better a mental health nurse practitioner. Both can do meds, some do therapy as well. Psychologists do psych testing and therapy. A therapist you can find on your own via internet research or calling your insurance company to see who is covered.

Good luck and hang in there! Let me know if you have more questions--I'm a bit of an expert. I also work in mental health.

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You could talk about it with your GP doctor and ideally if you can go for it, a registered psychologist. Unfortunately seeing a psychologist can be quite expensive when we are not covered with insurances. psychology student at the doctorate degree probably offer psychology evaluation and therapy in universities near you at very low cost. This can also be an option. In the mean time, if you are able to do it, practicing a sport could help giving positive energy. Biking, running, swimming, even fast walking or plain walking could maybe help.
I have anxiety/depression. I have been diagnosed with it for about 10 years now. My family doc has been the one to prescribe my meds and keep an eye on me. Definitely worth it to talk to your doc. If I miss my anti-anxiety meds, I notice a huge difference
I have depression and am going through a really down time at the moment. The only upside is that I've had very little appetite so my bowels have behaved themselves!
Ron, the best place to start will be your GP. When I have had problems with depression and anxiety in the past, this is who I saw first. They can refer you to the appropriate care provider unless they feel they can treat you themselves.
My anxiety is always worse when I stop taking my probiotics and improves when I take them. Not saying they are cure for anxiety but I do think part of the anxiety is how the gut communicates with the brain and probiotis affect that
I struggle with severe anxiety. I think low iron makes my heart race and my anxiety makes it skip. I'm so anxious about my health and appearance now I get nervous in public. I am a very social person and have been my whole life. I'm at the point right now where I barely want to talk to people and going up to a cash register makes me nervous and racing heart.

I'm seeing someone about next week. Shortly after my colonoscopy. Which getting a diagnosis may help the anxiety some on its own.
I've had depression and anxiety since I was 16 years old which was caused by a traumatic event in my life - a friend died in a car crash the day after I received my learners' permit. I believe this was also the time that my Celiac disease was kickstarted as I have read numerous articles that suggest a traumatic event causes all sorts of chemical changes in the body and brain. I think I was gluten sensitive even before then as I always had a sensitive tummy. Sensitive tummies run in my family, as well, especially on my father's side.

I would say I was an anxious child growing up always worrying about others. When I ended up getting sick at the age of 14, my anxiety definitely increased. I was anxious because I wasn't sure what was happening. I was anxious because I was always being sent from doctors with no explainations. I was afraid when doctors appointments would be over because that's when they tell you what they think. For some reason all my doctors would say to my parents I was just seeking attention and that their was nothing wrong with me.

They played with my head.

For 7 years I was sent from dr to dr. Each dr would say there is nothing wrong with you. Then their came one dr who said I believed you and that changed a whole lot.

I still remember everything said to me like it were yesterday.

Now with an actual diagnosis there is a lot lot of worries that come with that. I'm just as on edge as I was back then.

I'm taking anti-depressants now on and off. At this point I'm really aware of when I am needing a boost. It's not something I shy away from. I just know that with the unpredictably of Crohn's it's always good to have a mental health plan.

Have a plan in place. Openly discuss with your doctor. Your body could very well be very low on serotonin.