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Does anyone else suffer from anxiety? Ever since I had my first flare-up at school, I'm scared to leave the house at times, enough that it affects my school attendance. I don't travel far at all. I rarely go visit my mother and in-laws because I'm afraid of having to go to the bathroom while I'm in the car. Knock on wood, I've never had an accident but I have had close calls and I'm absolutely terrified of being humiliated.

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WE all feel that way at times, sooner or later. Prednisone causes anxiety for me, but usually I am good. If you are getting alot of D perhaps you could look into getting Questran (Cholestyramine) it could be a life saver for you. It did me. Hang in there ok.
Thanks Jetta. I really don't get a lot of d unless I'm having a flare up, but even when I'm not flaring up and being normal when I have to go I have to GO, if you catch my drift.

I really, really try to be positive about being sick, always try to make jokes. But lately I've just been feeling so down and anxious.
Hey whysoserious, we are all there at times - feeling down and anxious. It comes with the territory. I was like that for a while, where I didn't like leaving the house unless I knew where every bathroom was on the way, and I would plan driving routes to pass as many bathrooms as possible. Another thing that kept me from going to someone else's house was the whole bathroom issue - not really wanting to use their bathroom in case they go in right after! LOL Eventually I just bit the bullet and started going out again. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought it was going to be.

Good health and best of luck.
Hi, Been Really bad myself for awhile.
I have had Numerous Accidents over the Years and lately, I carry a bag of Extra Clothes in the car. Toilet Paper to.
It Seems The More I have to hold back a BM the more Anxious I get instantly.
I have Stopped on the Freeway and Let go on the side of the car and elsewhere?
I don't get Embarrassed like I used too.
I Still Do some Things Though, If it seems like I may have an OK day??
I Be sure Heading home is Alway's an Instant option if I start to feel Crappy so to speak.
I see a Therapist 1-3 months also.
I find Staying In the house too Much, Gets me Down...
I like to Say things could be Worse, and have been.
Thanks to people on this Forum Sharing, and Their Resilience, That it can get better.
I Really wish you well....
Thanks Dustin. Part of my problem to, and this might sound kind of stupid, is I used to have a fear of public restrooms. Like a real fear. I have OCD and sometimes I can get weird about germs. So it's been kind of hard to get over that when for years and years I wouldn't so much as look at a public toilet.

Orchard, I am really sorry to hear that. I hope that you feel better soon. :(
Hey whysoserious, I completely understand the whole OCD thing. I used to think I wasn't OCD until I started living with my wife. Turns out I am OCD about a few things! LOL

Orchard archer, I have had similar instances. I break out in a sweat if I start to feel the need to use the bathroom and am nowhere near one. I had to stop on the side of the road once... hopefully I won't have to do that again, as it was quite a busy road! LOL I have to admit, I do have a bag of clothes in my desk at work and in the trunk of my car - I consider it a must-have.

Good health and best of luck.
I have it some mostly when I do not have easy access to a bathroom. I have a hard time when I am out of town or on a longer (1 hr or more) car ride. I have thought about asking my DR for anti anxiety meds but havent yet.
whysoserious said:
this might sound kind of stupid, is I used to have a fear of public restrooms
That's not stupid at all. I've always thought it was some sort of cruel joke that I have a real hang up about public toilets when I actually need to use them more than most... in my case it goes back to an incident at school when I was about 5 years old... weird.

I've been through pain and a lot of discomfort trying to avoid using public toilets, but nowadays I tend to use disabled toilets, which I don't seem to mind so much


This urgency is a thing we have all had to do, and only another Crohnie would understand!
Better out than in! When you gotta go, you gotta go!
I did it once in the shed when the decorators were painting my landing and I couldn't use the bathroom cos the ladders were there, oh I did it in a tesco bag first!
It's fab this forum for sharing this info! ha ha


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I think you should consider counseling to help with you anxiety and your OCD. Staying at home avoiding the world is not the answer and solves nothing. In fact, staying at home can make things worse.

I have extreme anxiety and take medication for it at the moment. You may not need it but only you, your doctor and the help of a therapist can make that decision.
Apparently the Dr's think I have anxiety. They have just started me on anti-depressants to try to stop and control the anxiety. Good luck.
I can definitely relate about the anxiety. I've always had nerves when it comes to public toilets... for as long as I can remember!
I am that person who will have to pee SO bad and run to the toilet. But once I get in the stall, nothing will come out until the room is empty of people. literally, the second someone leaves and I hear the door shut.... INSTANT relief.
and this is for pee. You can imagine my anxiety about twosies! it's absolutely insane. I have just recently come to terms with the fact that I have crohn's... and this anxiety has to end no matter what!
Hang in there, you're not alone!

I never talk about my bathroom experiences... this forum is bringin it out of me! haha!
I used to run home from school to use the loo! I ended up missing a lot of school, or having a lot of accidents running home! Now I know where every single toilet is when I go out, but I won't go in any body else's toilet, or I won't use mine if someone is at my house, unless it is my family or my very best friend. I take codeine phosphate to go out every morning. Mainly for pain, but as a anti-diarrhea too. Maybe you could ask you doc for something like that?? I wouldn't of been able to leave my house for the past 3 years without it. My mum (she has had Crohn's for 13 years) is only now having counseling fo her anxiety. She basically has no life now. She doesn't leave the house unless it's just down the road to my auntys, or out in the van with my Dad as he has a portible loo in the back. It has ruined her life so I would suggest getting it sorted out. I have seen her life and I am determined not to be like that, though of course I get anxious like any other Crohnie when you need to go, or think you may need to go at some point and have no idea where the nearest loo is AND whether it has any loo roll actually in it! I would suggest some sort of anti- diarrhea medication and some counseling and maybe taking it in small steps. Like I will walk to my shop (literally 5 mins up the road) to prove to myself I can do it without panicking I'm going to mess myself. Now I can walk to my doctors which is a 20 min walk, which only goes past 1 loo. Good luck! x
I have always had a bit of anxiety but when I had my first flare it escalated. I am currently on Prozac for it which has helped me a ton. I too had issues with going in public restrooms and now I use one daily. I would try counseling if you are leary of more meds. Talk to your doctor about all your options.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one with public toilet issues! I have learned to just bite the bullet and use it, and I try really hard not to think about it. But it has taken some definite getting used to.

So yesterday my hubby got off work early and wanted to take me to the beach. He knows that it's been hard for me lately to leave the house, even to just go to the grocery store, but he thought that it would do me some good to get fresh air. After about an hour of convincing, I agreed to go. I ended up having a lot of fun! It was nice to get some fresh air and to get out of the house for a little while.

I did end up getting sick when I got home, but I think it was because we went out to eat, which is always iffy for me. I always end up getting sick all the time anyway LOL.
Oh and I will definitely be going to a psychiatrist soon. Ever since I found out I have Crohns or UC, I keep feeling like my life is over. I know it's not, and I know that neither disease is fatal, and that there are lots of meds out there that can help me. But I just get so depressed and just keep getting scared that I'm going to die, even though common sense tells me otherwise. I went from being someone who worked and went to school, and made good grades, to basically a couch potato who never leaves the house. So I'm basically anxious and depressed all the time...not a good combo for my tummy lol.
I am on Remeron, Whatever works for each individual.
I have a Psychiatrist for medications, He forgets who I am, To many Patients I think? It amuses me and is Funny......
And a Behavioral Therapist who Understands Chronic Illnesses.
But don't let me Freak you out, A Psychiatrist may work out fine for you!
Does for others.
I must be more of a head case?
I can use a Public rest room or I would never leave my house!
I Clean the Horse Shoe if I have time....


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Yes to the anxiety. I get anxious about not producing enough at work (the bully boss doesn't help -- it's actually probably very good that I'm being laid off, come to think of it! I think it'll help the Crohn's to get out of the toxic work environment). I get anxious about, ahem, tooting in public, and haven't been ballroom dancing since all this started because I'm pretty sure it would happen (after all, it happens whenever I move fast). I get anxious about getting on the bus in the morning when my nausea's bad. Like some of the posters above, I'm also seeing a psychologist. After all, psychologists are "my people" (but I try not to give Dr. Rob a hard time when our theoretical views clash)!
I'm joining the anxiety club! I used to have it real bad... like hated to get on a plane and would also worry myself silly about conversations I'd had that day...

I wasn't going to do much about it until a flare and I started thinking if it made CD worse. Obviously, CD can be stirred by stress, and of course anxiety causes stress.

Long story short, I saw someone about it and I'm now on a very low dose of lexapro- which has REALLY helped everything. I stress and worry less, and feel more like myself than I ever had before. Its not a strong med- its not like you feel it once you take it everyday. Takes 3 months or so to have its effect, but you start thinking about the stupid things you used to worry about... and then you know its worked!

If you're struggling I recommend seeing somebody. It has helped my quality of life greatly, and I believe its helped with CD symptoms as well.


I am not a big fan of pharmaceuticals but when it comes to head drugs, I'm all for it! Glad to hear you are going to a physch soon. I started not long after my diagnosis and it has been really helpful. I am on celexa (a relative of the lexapro Alex mentioned above) and just recently, my shrink put me on imiprimine - jsut to get me thru a couple of trips I had recently.

Imiprimine is an old-school anti-depressant... with the added benefit of causing constipation and controling spasms. It has been WONDERFUL. Some minor side effects like dry mouth and edema in my legs, but my bowels have been behaving beautifully!