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Any advice GCSE exams special consideration

any advice GCSE exams special consideration

Hi all Josh's mum here Josh was diagnosed with acute stricturing crohns in Feb(15yrs old) when he had a bowel perforation during colonoscopy in hosp, emergency repair laproscopic on sigmoid colon 5 weeks stay (29kgs weight) also had emergency stay in hosp for obstruction August 2 weeks and right hemi-colectomy in Sept 2 week stay has had infliximab infusions and also on azothiaprine still has ng tube for overnight feeds- what a journey!
My question is as it is his gcse year and he was predicted to get straight A's for all subjects pre crohns diagnosis!!! is there any way he can be entered with special consideration for all his forthcoming exams as he has missed a whole 8 months of school? I asked this question of school today and they said special consideration is only for pupils who are affected on the day of exam by something that reflects negatively on their performance! None of the above seemed to figure in the schools agenda!!I said does not missing 8 months of relevant schooling in the run up count?They seem to think he's all better now! could not get past the ignorance of this condition! When he was very sick in summer he took three exam modules at home( and got 2a's and a b! i had a doctors letter which they sent off for special consideration but i expected it to be relevant for the duration of the exams . Exams officer seemed a bit annoyed that if i got another doctors letter that she would have to send one off for every exam that he takes!!! Is it so impossible to help a boy that is trying so hard to catch up? any suggestions as to how i go about this please? and what any relevant letters should state? Any suggestions welcome.He does not want to repeat the whole year and fall a year behind his friends! Thanks!

Josh's mum
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I'm not in the UK but the Board of Studies here certainly does have provisions in place for just these type of things.

I know with my own children that chronic illness is accepted as a reason for an estimate to be done or special considerations to be put in place.
Both of my children had considerations in place for their Higher School Certificate exams and/or trials. My daughter applied for the Educational Access Scheme and my son had estimates put in place of his trial exams.

I would go to your equivalent Education department website and search there. Both children's considerations were done via the school. Sarah's was done by filling out a Education Department form and providing written evidence on that plus a letter from her GP. Matt's trial exams were sorted entirely by the school.

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Definately try! I don't know how you would do it other than writing to the exam board.
Any doctors letters you get keep and send copies.
I was doing my A levels when I got diagnosed and was told I wouldnt get any help unless I missed the exams. I was disapointed because I think my grades did suffer.
I will say that things get better though! I'm at uni now and I'm a disabled student. My personal tutor is very supportive and helps me to apply for mitigating cirumstances which relaxes deadlines.
I really hope you can get something sorted out, at least you still have a while to argue your case before final results day!
Let us know how it goes!
I got special consideration when I took mine.. although to be fair, it was 12 years ago now. Eeek! What a shame the school are not being very sympathetic!! Can you not say that because crohn's is unpredictable, he could potentially not be feeling up to standard on the exam day? Because that could easily happen, especially with the stress of the exams.

I hope he does well though! Sounds like he's been through so much and he's still doing brilliantly at school. He'll go far!

Have a look at the information on the Crohn's and Colitis UK web site. There are many useful fact sheets. If you still have any questions then give them a call.

This looks like a good start...


"For pupils taking public examinations awarding bodies may make special arrangements. Schools need to submit any request for such an arrangement as early as possible."

Yes, I used the one for Employers when both my Boss and the HR Manager changed at pretty much the same time. It helped to support the case that I needed fto make requent trips to the Hospital and was absent for recovery periods after surgrry.

I work as a teacher in sec ed. I have just had to do special consid for a student of mine. The school should be supporting you its not much can a difference of 10% max of the grade but get a lettewr into the schools exam officer and often or not they will go with the pred grade set by the teacher.