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Any advice

Hi all

When you first get treatment how long does it take to start working and do you feel better or worse.
It would be difficult to give you any advice without more information. What have you been diagnosed with, and what treatment are you starting on? It really depends on what you have, how you eat, and if you're flaring.
Well i have been told I have Crohn's where it is iam not sure i had a scan that showed intestine on lower right was greater than 5mm inflamed I have just currently had a ct scan and I am waiting for results.but in the mean time I have been told to have a low fibre diet and to drink plenty of fluids and if my temp goes over 38degrees to contact the hospital.I feel I don't really know where I am apart from in pain and having constant tests.
Hi Goldstar,

Sorry to hear your team hasn't settled on a plan for you yet.
Hang in there!
In the meantime, if you look around this forum (I know, it's a lot to read --) you'll see that different treatments work for different people. If you are put on a treatment and it doesn't work, you'll be put on something else until something does work. Treatment protocols vary by country and severity of disease so it's not obvious what you will be given first. If it's steroids, they probably will make you feel a lot better quite soon, but you won't be able to stay on them forever because there are too many long-term bad effects. Biologics (Remicade and Humira) work like magic for some people (myself included), but they're quite expensive, so if you don't have severe disease, you may not be put on them right away.

Best wishes and feel better soon!
Thank you. It's all new and a lot to take in for anybody.I was given by my gp predisone as I was waiting for gastro team for consultation (think that's how it's spelt) seemed to hide and subdue my pain but when I came of them I was really bad as if it came back worse.thank you for taking the time to reply.
Goldstar, I can certainly understand how frustrated you must feel while trying to figure this all out. One thing that might help is a food diary, keeping track of what you are eating and noting what foods might be giving you pain. There are several different diets which could be helpful to you, including the SCD diet, the elimination diet, or the low-FOD diet. Every person is different and it often takes a while to find the right way to help yourself feel better while medications take effect.
Thank you mccindy i ll make a food list I have been keeping track of other stuff and my gastro doc said that was a good idea.
I'm glad to hear it Goldstar! Best of luck. It's a bit of work at first but so helpful. I hope you get some relief soon!
Ok.little update I've got to be admitted to hospital as my ct scan has shown either localised infection or deep inflammation at end of small bowl.the letter says it looks highly likely to represent crohn's.so I am still no better of and have no idea why I have to goto hospital.:-(
Goldstar, I'm so sorry to hear that. At least it's caught in time, hopefully they can patch you up quickly and get you back on your feet!
I'd imagine they wanted you in because if it's an infection they need to treat it quickly so you don't get sepsis. If it's inflammation, they'll want to get it under control before you develop an obstruction.


Goldstar, most of the medications that are used for maintenance can take up to 3 months to work at therapeutic levels but many do start working sooner. Prednisone which you mentioned is the one that begins to work very quickly and many notice a difference within a few days time. Unfortunately it comes with a long list of side effects and can't be used for too long but it is a great tool to stop acute problems.

Have they discussed any maintenance treatment for you? A low fiber diet will definitely help you since you will have an easier time passing food through your inflamed intestines.
Well finally home after 3days on iv antibiotics (x2 different ant bs) feeling really tired been sent home with two lots of oral anti bs.crp levels are coming down nicely in two days it's gone from 130 to 82 so they are working.I have to go back in two weeks to see how things are going and to discuss a new plan.they ve said they want to look at the large and small intestine and take biopsies.they are 90% certain it's crohns.I met my ibd nurse today she's lovely and I feel I'll get a great deal of support from her.we are going to go through diet pills etc.thank you for all your advice.
So glad to hear things are getting a bit better for you. Sounds like you've got a good medical support team and they are completely behind you, so that is about the best news you could have. Stay strong and keep fighting!