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Any advice

My son is now 16 but he’s having issues n I’m needing help!
This school year he’s missed slot of school! Frequent tummy aches throw up you name it his dr suggest that he just had viral infection! So on we go! Then in December I suggest that maybe due to his school classes maybe he can benefit from Zoloft! So we put him on this it did improve his moods but his overall pains not so!! So in January his belly pains came more often vomiting, diarrhea, pains in tummy! His pediatrician has did stool tests n culture nothing showed up! He tested everything bacterial to viral to stool test for every disease there all cane back negative he has been losing weight we started out at 120 he’s now down to 106. They hospitalized him feb 1 til I signed him out yesterday! They started him on bentyl, Prilosec, zofran! The reason I took him out is because the psych dr came in n said he was anorexic and we need to treat him as such!! Monitor his eating, he can’t get up after eating for two hours took away his phone n someone had to watch him go to the bathroom!! I got mad n took him home!! He’s not anorexic!! He eats for me he didn’t like hospital foods! I’m searching for any answers here I saw a Gi dr in the hospital they want to do upper n lower scoping it’s on March 2, they were gonna do it in the hospital while he was there but he caught the flu also despite this n having to push the scoping to March the psych dr kept saying despite all negative tests your son is anorexic eating disorder!!! I took him home til I figure this out
His pain started around belly button, moved across the belly n now it’s settled down the right side area! The pains in scale is 8-10 range n has been for few weeks! His weight today is 106 6’ tall, I’m upset not sleeping looking for anyone to help me, the Gi dr is leaning towards IBS but he’s not having any more issues with diarrhea since a week ago! I’m trying to understand the symptoms but those are classic textbook anyone here can help me I’d really appreciate it!!


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Hey there! I was looking for you to start your own thread in the parents section so totally missed your posts in the other sections. How did the scopes go? Did the GI find anything?

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What did Gi say ?
How did scopes go ?
Will he supplement with boost /ensure ?
Just to get weight up
Track calorie intake on my fitness pal ?