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Any calprotectin collection advice ? For undiag

I just need some suggestions for the calprotectin test, collection specifically. I’m undiagnosed. At $150-250 a pop, need to make sure I do it right. Will help me find reassurance

first test was at 6 mcg/g, but keep in mind I’m questioning collection. I was in water diarrhea phase and gave a first morning mucous-jelly poop. I didn’t care much about collection so just scooped the jelly with a popsicle sticks. I know, nsfw but what do you do 💁🏽

anyways after the result I just started to question things and did learn that mucous samples are a no go as they may interfere with testing.

I know so far, don’t use NSAID’s for some time before collection, don’t scoop out of the water. Trigger foods can increase calp to the thousands, different type of testing methodology. Try to use the spoon to collect different areas of the stool. Don’t collect stool if it’s in water or urine. Calp levels are highest in the morning.

I know it can’t directly diagnose, it can help distinguish ibs from ibd.. but can also miss diagnose in those rare forms of CD.

Uhhhh is there anything I’m missing from the list ?