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Any connection?

On Monday, I had a mri enterography. Both Monday night and last night, i have been up until 4 in the morning goong to the bathroom. Could the mri cause me to be up that late both nights going to the bathroom?


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The last colonoscopy did that to me Ron.....I thought it might be due to the prep..plus obstruction that was dealt with during the procedure.....plus the stricture which was opened up...and the ever present inflammation...
Feel better soon


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I don't know about in the US but in the UK they use kleen prep before MRIs which is a powerful laxative usually used as bowel prep for scopes. Make sure you're staying hydrated and if things don't settle in a few days contact your doctor.

Lynda Lynda

You need laxatives before an MRI on your gut? I did not know that. Gosh I hope I don't need an MRI. I hate drinking that stuff. :ack::ack:

Take care and have a good week.:heart: