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Any experience on carrying Humira on flights

Hi all,

I need to carry Humira during my international travel, humira sent me a kit to use it for travel but that kit only with hold coolness upto 8 hours but my journey is overall 36 hours. Humira is recommending me to ask the cabin crew to keep the medication in the fridge once I onboard the flight. Does anyone have experiences to share on this because I am just thinking what if they say no to use refrigerator. I will loose all my medication. I am planning to stay for 4 to 5 weeks outside. Thanks in advance

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Have you called the airline ?
That would be the first step
They can tell you what and what isn’t permitted in terms of refrigeration/storage
If battery powered coolers are permitted or just cabin refrigerator
Definitely call the airline
Or there are specific shippers who might ship medical overseas ?


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Hmm, we've done a 15 hour flight with Humira - that means probably at least 21 hours for the whole trip (from door to door). We froze the ice packs they send with Humira and kept them in an insulated bag (similar to what they send with Humira) and they have always been cold by the time we get to our final destination. We have done this many times with various biologics.

36 hours is tricky though. I would ask the flight about the fridge or consider a battery powered cooler if it would be allowed onboard. There are ice packs that you pop and they become cold instantly, but they don't stay cold very long, so unless you can find a way to get (proper) new ice packs wherever you have a layover (I'm assuming you have one because of the length of the trip), I'm not sure you can switch out the ice. The ice packs also have to be completely frozen (frozen solid) to get through security, since liquids over 3 oz are not permitted.

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My niece uses Humira. She travels to Japan once a year, which I think is 13 hours one-way. Then add time going from her home to airport and time from airport to destination when she arrives in Japan. She's never had any issues with traveling with her Humira. I never ever heard her talk about handing over a prescription medication to a flight crew, yikes.
hi, im now in similar situation, need to take 2 months supply overseas and so worry about temperature. the flight is 13 hours plus the time at the airport so that brings me to maybe 16 hours. any tips for portable medical cooler? I have humira prefilled syringes and they are kind of bulky on the top.

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I don't know about yours. But, I just found out that Skyrizi's website says that you can request a specific travel case for keeping Skyrizi cold for 8 hours while traveling. Looks like when I sign up with them, I can request one & they will send it to me. Is there a way that you can check with Humira to see? If it's more than 8 hours though, I think I'd ask either my doctor or Humira as well...
Traveling with Humira can be tricky, especially with long flights. It's nerve-wracking to rely on the coolness kit for such a long journey. From what I've heard, most airlines are accommodating when it comes to storing medication that needs refrigeration. It's a good idea to inform the cabin crew as soon as you board—they're usually helpful in storing it safely. As for your journey, it might be wise to have a backup plan just in case. On another note, if you're interested, I recently found a way to snag cheaper business class flights. Let me know if you want to hear more about it.
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