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Any experience with the peptide BPC-157?

Hi everyone,

I've come across BPC-157 in my search for anything to help with Ulcerative colitis. I've read about a few other people using it to treat IBD, IBS, injuries, etc. It's turning out to be quite the little Wunderdrug according to some of the studies around the internet. (I'd post links to them, but I need to have 10 posts in order to do that)

Can anyone answer some questions about it:
  • What are you treating
  • How did you source it
  • How did you take it
  • What were the results
  • How long did it take to achieve the results
  • How long did it last/how are you now
I'd really appreciate having some anecdotes about this (and I'll try to update the OP with any answers as well).
hmm, how about now? anyone?

i was glancing some but a little confused of some versions like from this place....dosages, time release, tab vs cap...um