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Any experience with Uceris FOAM?

I'm a 60 year old man, generally pretty fit especially for my age, but about a decade ago I began having idiopathic chronic diarrhea. Have been to several GI docs, had a couple colonoscopies & a capsule endoscopy. The latter showed some inflammation, but nothing major. I do occasionally pass red blood, but I think it's from hemorrhoids. My condition is pretty unpleasant and has a very negative impact on my life, but it's far less severe than what many IBD suffers endure. I typically have 1 to 3 loose BM's/day, a fair bit of cramping, and frequently some nausea, though I have never had to vomit. It definitely "feels like" the issue is in the distal colon, but I have yet to get a firm diagnosis. I recently got a script for Uceris (budesonide) rectal foam. Note this is the FOAM introduced rectally, NOT oral tablets. My main reason for requesting the script was to get some indication of whether or not INFLAMMATION is the issue. I know I don't have to tell anyone here how nasty steroid side effects can be. I have the Uceris, but I am a bit hesitant to use it. Dosing is 2xday for 2 weeks, the 1xday for 2 more weeks. I would love to hear what others may have experienced with this drug (again, the rectal foam). It's supposed to be less systemically absorbed than oral dosing, but, still hesitant. Feedback would be great!


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I don't have experience with the foam, but if as you say it is less absorbed than the pills, then it might well be worth trying. Even in pill form budesonide works topically - directly on the surface of the bowel rather than through the blood stream.

The percentage of budesonide that does get into the blood is quickly cleared by the liver. this is why the steroid side effects for budesonide are significantly lower than for cortisol or prednisone. But if you stay on it long enough you can get steroid side effects, If this foam is even less absorbed then I would give it shot if it were me, at least temporarily. It may well help relieve your symptoms.
Thanks for the reply. I'm going to try one dose every other day for about a week & see what the impact is, and go from there. I see you're in the "Diagnosed >50" group. I never had any gut issues until about 10 years ago when all this began, had you had any such symptoms across your life prior to becoming >50?

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I have experiences with rectal steroid foams and enemas. they both work really well and quite fast. can be used to bring back to remission depending on severity of disease activity and if complementary maintenance treatment is used along with it. Using only once in a while is not recommended for therapeutic effect, I dont recommend it. Use it as prescribed and you will see pretty fast if it works or not. The action is pretty quick since its a steroid. I have never experienced any side effect from the foam, not much to worry about it. remember they go about 25 cm only from rectum with expension, so if disease is further up, it wont help. Good luck and let us know how it goes!