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Any harm in going straight from prednisone to budesonide?

I am having side effects from prednisone and have been on it for about 2.5 months. Now at 10 mg and GI said I could switch to budesonide immediately. Are there any ill effects? I questioned it but they said no. Wouldn't I be getting withdrawal symptoms from going off the prednisone immediately? Thanks!

my little penguin

Staff member
Budesonide is an oral steriod . Prednisone is another oral steriod .solumedrol and dexamethasone are other steriods as well.
Steriods suppress the cortisol produced by your adrenal gland. So switching from one steroid pred to another steriod (budesonide ) still gives your body the cortisol it needs until you wean from steriods allowing your adrenal gland to wake up abd take over production of cortisol again .