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Any side effects with Vancocin (vancomycin)

So I haven't posted in a while...

For most of the year I was on a study drug called Ustekinumab. The only problem was that I had to take Cipro and Metronidazole the entire time. Towards the end of the study in November, I noticed that I was losing more blood than usual ( I tend to lose blood frequently). I dropped 35 pounds in a month, and after a stool test, found out I have C Diff.

So I am getting ready to start Vancocin and was wondering if anybody out there had side effects while taking it. With the metronidazole, my tongue got all furry and I had to use Nystatin for many months. Should I expect any side effects?
Yeast can be an issue with any antibiotic. You can prevent this by taking a couple probiotic capsules between your antibiotic doses and keep taking probiotics for a few weeks after you finish the course. You can also try using coconut oil on foods or just eating a spoonful twice a day. Coconut oil kills yeast and its a healthy fat. Also avoid sugars and refined starches as this is what yeast love to eat.
Probiotics should be used any time antibiotics are prescribed, because they can actually prevent secondary infections like C. Diff. I wish doctors would get the memo.
I didn't have any side effects when I took it, just be sure to drink lots of water with it and get as much rest as possible. C. diff is a tough infection to kick so you need alot of TLC.
Thanks Mountaingem!

I like the idea of lots of TLC! :)

Since I have stage one CKD (baby steps, they tell me) reading things like "this drug shouldn't be taken if you have kidney disease" (or ibd, hehe), and a side effect is listed as "loss of hearing"-eek! I guess I am on the worst-case scenario kick.
Same thing with me. Too much Cipro/Flagyl, ended up with C.Diff and Vanco.

No side effects from the Vanco, it did the job.

How are you taking the Vanco? I had powder and added sterilized water to it and drank it.
I am taking 250mg in capsule form 4 X daily. I've had the chills but am not sure if it is associated with the vanco. I think the chills started the same day I started the vanco but the chills came first, haha. So, it may have something to do with the iron deficiency anemia.

Good to read that it worked. Did you have to take a second course? I don't want to have to pay another $100 for another round.
Just a quick update. I finished the 14 day course then took a stool test on Thursday. Friday, I got the all clear! Negative for c diff. :) I will take one more test just to be sure it is all cleared up, then on to Cimzia! I have heard horror stories about c diff and I am very happy that mine seems relatively mild in comparison. And no problems at all with the vancomycin!


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I had to take Flagyl. It worked but it made me very sick. It felt like morning sickness or seasickness. I felt awful while taking it, but I felt better for long time afterward. I would suggest a good anti-nausea med.
Well poopy!:( I was at my Cimzia study first meeting, where the research coordinator gets blood and vitals and gives me any papers(signed by me, witnessed by her) concerned with the study. Also included was the chest x-ray and the tb test......................

I should say WOULD have been included. After doing the CDAI, vitals (no blood), and signing googobs of paperwork, another lady gives Lamia (my ab fab research coordinator) another piece of paper. I'm thinking, great more to sign. But no no no no no! Instead, I find out that I'm STILL positive for c-diff!

This is after 1000mgs a day for 14 days of vanc. This is after a negative test a week ago! Turns out, my second test, which was supposed to come back negative, decided to come back POSITIVE! grr...argh!!!

Now its back on the vanc. But this time it will be extended from 14 days to I don't even know, but close to a month, if not more!! I have to wait for the insurance company to approve it. It couldn't be filled because the total amount of the meds cost over $5000(thank the stars for insurance)! My copay is going to be something outrageous, not $5000 outrageous, but enough for my broke ass!

I am definitely taking yalls advice about the probiotics! Going out tomorrow after my 2 docs appts to get some. What is the best kind to get again? Maybe I should look through some threads. Anyway, sorry to rant. I'm really hungry, but can't eat. I've lost 47 pounds in a little under 2 months. Sucks!
Another question, and sorry if it's a silly one.

I am going to be around a bunch of 12 year olds for my nephew's b-day on Saturday. Just need to know if I'm contagious? I prob won't have the meds until Monday.
Just went to another forum. I guess I am not "really" contagious. If I, or someone else eats fecal matter, then maybe the c diff could be passed. Since I am not planning on feeding fecal matter to myself or anyone else, just a good hand washing every time will do the trick.

I posted this question in other forums. They answered before Crohnsforum. Boo on y'all.

Anyway, thanks for anyone who at least read this thread, and for all who answered before. I don't post many threads asking for help. Usually because I don't get many responses. But thanks for at least reading it. :)
So-- Finally got my script filled. Insurance saved me 5181.95!!! Vanc is expensive! Although, this time I got 105 pills for just my $100 copay! This round will last 26 days. Hopefully then I will be c diff free! I just took my first pill. 26 more days of madness begins now!
Me too! I puked twice yesterday, and have had weird throw-up-in-my-mouth sessions. yuck! :(

I'm lucky to have weekly iv iron infusions to keep me standing. Lost a lot of blood. And now with the vanc. So, things should be looking up soon.
So yeah, this sucks. After all my bitching about the evilness of pred, here I am back on those f*#king pills:( Ugh!!! I have been bleeding like a stuck pig and the only thing keeping me out of the hospital is the weekly iron infusions. This damn c diff is kicking my ass! But I won't be on the evilness for too long. I don't care what any doctor says, I'm sticking to my own evilness schedule. I will be off of it in two weeks(well, maybe three). Taking 40 for a week, dropping to 20 for a week, dropping to 10 for a few days, 5 for a few days, then done. If this doesn't work, I guess it's a visit to the hospital. I guess I'm lucky. I haven't been hospitalized since 2009. sigh...
i went on many courses of flagyl and vanco to get rid of my c.diff. never had a bad reaction to either, but the vanco was what got rid of it for me hopefully for good god willing. BUT when i was getting vanco iv i had a terrible skin reaction to it in the hospital, but they were using the vanco to treat a mrsa blood infection that i got from an iv
Okay, so I had a c diff test on Friday which came back negative!! The next step is a second test for c diff. If it comes back negative (taking it tomorrow) then it's on to the Cimzia. I think. Anyway, fingers and toes crossed that my next test is negative!

As far as the pred is concerned, I dropped from 20mgs to 10mgs. Hopefully, I will be off the pred by the end of this week. Already, my cheeks look like storage space for a long winter!
Bet yall can't guess my brand new shiny news!!?!?!

I am c diff POSITIVE still!!!!

Yeah, this majorly sucks! I have to go to an infectious disease doc to figure out the next step. And I may have to spend another $100 for more Vanc. That would bring the total up to $300!!!

At least I made it to my iron infusion today, as it's the only thing keeping me afloat right now:(
take vanco and for awhile. then taper it. it was the only thing that got my c.diff to clear up. two doses of flagyl didnt do it, so we moved onto vanco.
Thanks for the reply, bobtheman!

Yeah, my gastro wants me to do just what you've suggested. This will be my third course of vanc and he wants me to start at 4 250mgs a day for two weeks, then start to taper. I still have some vanc left from the last round, so I will use that and hopefully the infectious diseases doc will call me back with a quick appt. I would really hate to have to spend another $100 for the vanc. My pharmacy has already started the back-and-forth with BCBS to get all the vanc approved under one copay. Damn insurance company wants me to pay TWO copays!:mad2:
Man, I'm really sorry you are dealing with this! I hope that infectious disease specialist is able to help you.

I am really having a hard time understanding the mindset of prescribing the same damn antibiotic that has been shown to not work. To my mind that is a very bad idea, but I am not a doctor...
So just got back from the ER. I have pneumonia and have to take Levaquin. 7 pills cost 73 bones. My gastro is concerned as he states that Levaquin is one of the antibiotics known for causing C diff. Man, this stuff is killing me. i'll be back on the boards later.
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Oh no! Gosh you can't catch a break. I hope your pneumonia clears up! It's terrible that yo have to "get healthy" to "get healthy" if that makes any sense.

Sending some good vibes your way. You're in my thoughts.
I hope that you are finally better and over the c diff. I was just diagnosed yesterday and pick up my vancocin today. I was wondering about your post since you mentioned Cimzia. I have been receiving Cimzia injections for almost two years and I want to make sure this will not interfere. I am waiting a response from my GI. Did you have to delay starting Cimzia because of c diff or was there an interaction with the Vancocin?

Thanks ~ Marcia
Hey there Marcia,

I never actually started the Cimzia because the tests kept coming back positive for c diff. Finally, I had two negative tests(after I started taking S. Boulardii by Jarrow Formulations) and decided not to go the study route. The Cimzia would have been a 6 month study where if the drug was not helping at one dose, it could have been raised to a higher dose. The study was all about dosage. But I got tired of having to go in to the office every couple of weeks(I just finished a study for the drug Ustekinumab, aka Stelara, which lasted 11 months). Yeah, everything would have been free, but I'd rather pay 10$ a month for Aza and not have to go in all the time. Unfortunately, the jokes on me, as I still have to go in for bloodwork every two weeks for the first 2-3 months.

As for your question, I'm not sure if the Cimzia will interact with the Vancocin. Good luck, though.:)

And definitely add a probiotic. I'm kicking myself that I did not add one sooner.
Thanks! I am just happy to be done with c diff. I am not, however, stopping the probiotic. It took me long enough to start it and seems to be helping!:)