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Any similar symptoms?


I just had my second remicade infusion since I just got put on it and I've noticed that I'm feeling good the first day and then the day after but by the third day I start to have horrible pain and I get super bloated. I don't know if this is normal from Remicade. I only start to feel normal again after a week but this happened to me the last time I had my infusion. Should I be concerned or no? :(
Remicade might heal the infections in your bowel rapidly, and sometimes it can cause strictures as your bowel heals and produces scarring where inflamed areas were before. This can lead to obstructions and bloating you are feeling. I felt something going on in my bowel when I was on Remicade and my GI explained that these are the reasons you might feel discomfort after injections. Might be something else as well.. Call your doctor if youre concerned!
The pain is just beyond horrible and I'm still so heavily bloated. Also I threw up this morning so I think I'm going to call my doctor because I don't feel well at all :(
I had this bloating issue as well when I was on Remicade but it always lasted for two days, then I was fine. So you should definitely call your GI, I think. Keep us posted if you like.