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Any Success with Enterocutaneous Fistula

Has anyone had any success with closing an enterocutaneous fistula with any of the following? Surgery, Porcine Plug, octreotide, or anything else?

I've had one since 2009, and would dearly love to get rid of it:sign0085:



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Hi jayann,
Sorry I missed your thread.

It's been a long time since my last fistula. I've only had one enterocutaneous fistula.
Mine needed surgery.

I'm assuming yours is a result of Crohn's? What meds are you currently taking?
I know some people have had success closing fistulas with Remicade.

Sending you my support. I understand the frustration.
My husband has been suffering from an enterocutaneous fistula (intestine) for the past four months. Very long story short, he cannot undergo surgery for it. It was not healing. They tried clipping it to no avail. Drs were considering "gluing" it (another term is "plugging" it) but didn't have much experience with either procedure. In the meantime, we purchased a mat that emits electromagnetic waves - purpose being to promote better blood circulation. (Blood does not circulate well in injured areas. Blood is necessary bc it provides the injured area with necessary white and red blood cells.) After the first application he felt he had a little bit more energy. By the second day he had a hole form in the abdomen from which he started oozing pus- and today's the 6 day he's still draining pus. But, once he started getting rid of the infection in his body his fistula's discharge started to decrease. Today he discharged 1 ounce in a 16 hour period- he was discharging up to 62 ounces in a day! We're waiting to see if the discharge stops completely in the next few days. We're sharing this information bc we're hoping to provide hope to others. We attribute this improvement to his use of the mat. It has been a life changer for us. I encourage all of you to look into this and hopefully you have a similar result. Get the best mat that emits the best electromagnetic currents to stimulate blood flow.