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Any UK-ers on Remicade?



any UK-ers on Remicade?

hey all, as most of you know Im mrs wright now, so will be moving to Northern Ireland (UK) as soon as I can get all my stuff sorted out.
I might be going under the EU family permit rather than a spouce visa, which would make me an Irish gal living in the UK I suppose.

My Q is: do those of u from the UK (or Ireland.. I think I saw 1 member lol)
on remicade get your treatment for free from the NHS, or do you have a drug plan or pay for some of it yourself etc..

just trying to make sure my remicade will not cause issues, or I wont lose my treatments when Im there.
any advice, as always greatly appreciated.

the mrs. ;)


When I was at another forum, there were many people from the UK that were on Remicade. I dont think its a problem, but I dont know how their health insurance worked.


We in the UK don't have health insurance as such, in that we don't have to have it to get medication. Health insurance is an optional thing. We get our meds on the NHS and that naturally covers all hospital appointments and stays, we don't pay for any of it. (only in a round about way in that it comes off our taxes that we pay from our wages) But without trying to get too deep into it and confuse you, it all comes under the NHS, however we have a small fee to pay when we get medication and that is called a prescription fee, which amounts to six pounds something per item. Most people who are on multiple meds find it easier and cheaper to get a pre-payment certificate which lasts 4, 9 or 12 months (I think - I go for the 4 monthly one) It costs about thirty five pounds and thats all you pay in four months for any kind of medication you recieve, that can be any meds, so even if you get meds for say a throat infection which is nothing to do with your crohns, its still covered by the pre-payment certificate. Chemists usually have the application forms you will need to apply for one. Oh and yes, I'm supposed to ne trying Remicade or Infliximab as its called in the UK and yes it is covered by the NHS. Hope this helps, sorry if you already know all this stuff!! lol



Just like to add 'Chemist' is 'Pharmacist' here in the United States, but I've heard people in Canada and the UK call it a chemist, weird.

Also I've heard people in the UK say that , (of course they've had multiple surgeries), but that they get a different surgern everytime? I'm sorry but I've been with the same one the entire time, before my diagnoses even, and I trust him with my life enough to put me under general anestesia and such, I'm not up for some random person on a LIST to just happen to pick up my file, I want some caring and such involved, dont you all agree?