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Anybody else feel like a hypochondriac sometimes?

I have crohn's, been diagnosed for 8 or 9 years.
I've been very lucky to have avoided any major complications, so far.

2 years ago an MRI showed a stricture in the TI. Doc was able to stretch it via colonoscopy.
I don't want any more strictures (because we have a choice, right?). Or scopes.

I've had bouts of nausea the past few months. I asked the GI for zofran, he gave it to me.

But he said to let him know if it keeps up because we might need to do an MRI.
It has kept up. It's not any worse. But not any better.
Happens daily, but once or twice a week it's bad enough that I grab the zofran.

Logically, I probably should send the doc a message. That's kind of why I pay him, right? Because I'm not a doctor.

But I don't want to. I'm a high-stress individual, so I'm probably overreacting.

Does anyone else spend a lot of time having people think you're crazy or making it up?

my little penguin

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So to clarify I do not have crohns my kiddo does
He was dx at 7 now almost 18

so get the not wanting to let the Gi know part since you aren’t sure
But here is the thing
You have a chronic disease
Your Gi is used to dealing with chronic disease patients
So as a patient your job is to report symptoms the good the bad and insignificant
Your Gi job is to tell you which ones he or age is concerned with
Then run tests to make sure your disease stays under control

in this case you reported your symptoms and your Gi asked for an update if they continued

update the Gi -with a simple symptoms still the same for x number of months
They can decide if they want to watch and wait some more or just run tests now
Testing stinks

but under controlled crohns left on its own is so much worse in terms of damage

please update your doc

I was known as a crazy mom because I pushed to get my kiddo to a specialist and tested
And then pushed as needed afterwards

it’s your health and you are worth it

no one apologizes for mailing a letter or package
The post office job is to send packages

your Gi job is to manage your disease
Let them know what is going on

hope you feel better soon
I was known as a crazy mom because I pushed to get my kiddo to a specialist and tested
And then pushed as needed afterwards
Thank you. I'm sorry your son has crohn's and I'm sorry you went through that as a mom.

I'm a mom, too. All 3 of my kids have asthma, and when they were elementary school age, they would all get pneumonia every 3 months. One of my sons was hospitalized for pneumonia and a partially collapsed lung in the middle of summer.

I have to dial back my anxiety when they get colds or respiratory symptoms. Which is fun, because the whole family has allergies.
I don't mind being pushy when it's them. Or my husband.

I just prefer to ignore it if it's me. Not the smartest idea.
I'll send an email to the team tomorrow. If I have to. I guess.

Again, thank you
Asthma and allergies here as well .
But remember oxygen mask on yourself first
Otherwise you can’t take care of those who need you .
Which reminds I need to make my own doc appt I have been putting off 🤷‍♀️
Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

I sent the GI an email, and lucky me, I picked up my plastic poop hat and sample container yesterday. 😬

He wants a calprotectin and an MRI.

The past week hasn't been great. I don't know if I'd call it a flare, but I get symptoms each month when I get my period. Boo.
Paddywack : I don't mind having a bunch of blood tests, but that stool sample test just sort of grosses me out. 😣
Hope you feel better soon.
😂 right?

And dropping it off in the lobby. In the sample basket. With a bunch of people sitting there. #awkward

I think I've got a flare going.
I'm feeling nauseated on a daily basis, the abdominal pain and urgency is ramping up.

I'm due for my inflectra next week.
The doc has checked the medication levels a few times, and it's always been fine, regardless of how I'm feeling. If the calprotectin results come in this week maybe he'll check levels again before next week's infusion.

I think I'm one of those whose labs don't change until they change a LOT.

When I failed azathioprine, I could FEEL the pancreatitis a week before the labs showed it.
It took an ER visit and a CT scan to get that diagnosed.
So at least once before I've looked crazy but wasn't.