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Anybody have a Flat Polyp Removed?

Anybody have a flat polyp removed?

My G.I. Dr. says I need a surgical resection. I did some research & found a procedure called Endoscopic Mucosal Resection which is
basically a more advanced way of removing polyps during colonoscopy. Dr. said EMR is "not appropriate" for me. Would not elaborate as to why.

Anybody have experience with such things?



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New York, USA
I just read through the article - sounds like it is a specialized procedure.

I would go for a 2nd opinion, and do research into who might be trained in EMR in your area. I would probably take the word of a specially trained surgeon over a general GI doctor when it comes to surgery....... which is why if/when I have an issue (GI or otherwise) I try to see specialists.

Good luck and please let us know how you make out!
Well, I got a second opinion.

Got an MRI & another colonoscopy. Now it seems I have colon cancer, a carcinoma in the transverse colon,
several more polyps, & ulcerations. The plan is removal of the colon & rectum & put in an ostomy.

Strange thing is, I feel fine, except for my bowel movements being poor. Last several days I've only gone 2 times in 24 hours.
I eat anything I want except for really spicy stuff, which I don't care for anyway.

Last summer I was thinking I might have my IBD in complete remission in a few years.

Then, I went for a checkup, was found to be anemic & had blood in the stool, which led to colonoscopy, which brings us back to the initial post.

And, the Dr. who gave me the second opinion was fully prepared to do the EMR as listed in the attachment. It sounded like they do them