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anyone child on meds for Crohn other then biologic

my little penguin

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What is the doc recommending?
What does your insurance require ?
Most folks who stick around here are complicated or had meds that didn’t work in the beginning.
Mild patients who had methotrexate work
Took it and never looked back
Or visited here 😂

side effects -6-mp/imuran /aza can affect sperm and cause hair loss among other things
My kiddo was 7
His hair did start to fall out more

Most are worth a shot
They work a quickly (methotrexate 3 months )
If you get flu like symptoms those happen after the first or second week on the drug .

if they don’t work then biologics can be tried .
Easier insurance wise if you fail lower level treatments first .
Woth mild to moderate cases you tend to have a little time
But also realize your child may get sicker or feel horrid while waiting .

second opinions also help a different hospital
And realize not all Gi want the same treatments
that is what Im stuck now. two doctors here in US are for biologic (humira or remicade) I have privilage to choose. One doctor in Europe is more for conservative start. The US doctor said the biologic have the least side effect, work fast and can prevent progress of crohn. The one in Europe thinks if I start biologic and is not working then where I go? I, of course want something with least side effect that works. Also easy to get, not sure how insurances works. We have florida kids care.

my little penguin

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If you start a biologic and it doesn’t work
You move to a different type of biologic
Since the two listed are in the same class anti tnf alpha
Some need a different pathway
The uk at least cost is a big factor
Since each area is responsible for cost
Biologics are not used first
They are the most effective /fast etc…
But in your case insurance will play a role
State based insurance just like commercial insurance typically requires proof that cheaper meds don’t work first
And even when they approve biologics they tend to choose the cheapest first (biosimilar to humira )

so while you may feel like you have a choice
Insurance and what actually works dictates
Even if you want a med to work regardless of tier
Sometimes they just don’t
Crohns is difficult to treat on a good day
Very individualized