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Anyone considering trying Cimzia?


You don't have to be on the drug to participate here. If you or a loved one are considering Cimzia, let us know what your thoughts are.


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After getting repeated infections from Humira and Remicade my doctor said I'd likely deal with the same issues if I tried Cimzia. That's why I'm trying out Methotrexate now instead of Cimzia. If Methotrexate also doesn't work out then Cimzia may be my last option yet I am concerned about the possible recurring infections. I know that not everyone has this issue with the biologics but its already happened to me with the other two. I am interested in finding out if its possible to have less of a chance of infections with Cimzia compared to Humira and Remicade.
Took my first Cimzia injection today. Ouch. Sorry to say,,Humara's injection pen is a breeze compared to Cimzia 's open needle concept. This will definitely take a better technique. No side affects after first day. I imagine improved health will be several weeks away.


Jennifer, for whatever reason there seems to be a sufficient bit of anecdotal evidence out there that people who didn't do so well on Humira or Remicade found success with Cimzia, both in terms of treatment and less side effects. Why that would be the case I'm not sure but maybe the composition of the drug is easier for us and it has human protein as opposed to Remicade.

Tw I found the Humira pen more painful than the Cimzia injection because of the burning sensation of the fast release.
Some tips for reducing injection pain is to let it sit out in room temperature for at least 30 min, don't hesitate with the prick and just penetrate the skin. I find that poking lightly at the skin may not break it and it hurts more, just do it. Pick a really fatty area of your thighs. Take your time with the injection, press very gently to let the solution in. I find these make it more bearable. It will never be fun but its not the worst thing ever.