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Anyone else deal with clogging ears???

Ten years with Crohn’s and all of a sudden the past few months I’ve had severe heartburn and my ears clog like I’m flying in an airplane. Happens randomly and will last hours. My husband also mentioned me grinding and clicking my teeth at night which i googled and it seems like sleep bruxism and maybe tmj. I have a history of snapping jaws and maybe this is a joint swelling up? It was actually hard to eat this morning. Jaw didn’t want to open and ears kept clogging up. Please someone tell me this isn’t all in my head.

Lady Organic

Staff member
Are you feeling any better? maybe a dentist could help you.
I recently had an episode of ear ache lasting a few days, going on and off. Luckely, I understood the problem: it was coming from my pillow while sleeping. It was too hard and pressing my ear. They call it ''Pillow otalgia''. I changed pillow and since, no more pain.