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Anyone else gain weight during a flare? I feel like a freak!

Hey! Just wondering if any of you are weird like me and actually gain weight when you have a flare? I don't know why it is? I've always been overweight my whole life, But when I first got crohns I lost a lot of weight. Now I'm on meds and when i have crohns I gain weight ? I wonder if this has anything to do with medications..

I'm not sure if I'm technically having a flare, but any time I feel shitty I think I gain weight because I feel sorry for myself and let myself eat whatever will make my mood improve haha. For instance, I wasn't feeling well for a few weeks in March, and literally all I ate one day was half a bag of Starburst jellybeans. Didn't make me feel better physically, at all, but it was comforting! If you're gaining weight when you feel sick and you're NOT eating, that might be a different issue...
Hmmm.. I do tend to eat a lot more CRAP food when i am sick which is just ironic... I never feel like cooking you see and my boyfriend isn't the greatest cook... plus i swear crohns makes me insanely picky haha. I don't eat a ton of stuff when i am sick though... as it is painful... anyway. bleh. lol thanks :)


Are you actually putting on weight? Due to a lot of gas and imflamation I normally go up a trouser size when im flaring (and look pregnant lol) yet my weight either stays the same or goes down
LOL! I do the same, feel sorry for myself and eat a bunch of crap, and then gain weight. What puzzles me are the times when I'm in the bathroom every 20 minutes for a couple days and I get on the scale and GAINED weight. I just don't understand. I was in the hospital and didn't eat anything but liquids for TWO WEEKS and still I didn't loose an ounce. Hmmmmmmm......

It's very strange, mine could be because I am in my 40's now and they say your body changes after 40 (how much more does it need to change?)

It's nice to know that I'm not alone, thanks you guys!