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Anyone else have some luck with inulin fiber?

Did inulin fiber improve your Crohn's symptoms?

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  • It helped right away and continues to work

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  • It helped right away but stopped working

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  • It took time to start helping but it continues to work

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  • It did not help me

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Hi all,

20+ years with Crohn's and first time posting here. After failed Remicade and Humira treatments, I had a small bowel resection about 10 years ago and was doing well without maintenance medication until about a year ago. I had a peri-rectal abscess in the past which healed pretty much fully but another abscess appeared last summer. I had surgery that confirmed another fistula and had a seton placed and it's been a struggle to get it healed. I notice that the abscesses seem to coincide with periods of frequent strained, watery bowel movements. In the past, I was told to avoid fiber, which I did pretty much always. I didn't specifically eliminate it but I didn't really try to include it in my diet either.

About a month ago, I learned about inulin fiber and prebiotics. I had read that it can absorb water in the gut which is (and probably always will be) an issue for me. I started using a tablespoon (~25 grams) in a cup of black tea in the morning as part of a light breakfast and I've noticed a quick reduction in movement frequency. Instead of 10 times a day, I'm down to about 3 a day, sometimes 1 or two on a good day, which was about the frequency pre-Crohn's when I had a (presumably) healthy gut. The movements are still soft and watery but I feel better about the frequency in maybe giving my gut (and my fistula region) a better chance to heal.

Curious if anyone else has had some relief with inulin fiber and what dose.
Hello and thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I am using cholestyramine but would rather use something thats not so expensive and not a pharmaceutical product. Its the only medication I use due to surgery that removed my ilium and the valve located there.

Where do you get your Inulin fiber?

I certainly would like to give it a try.

Best regards.


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My children use fibre for their bile salt malabsorption. It’s not inulin but psyllium.

This is an old thread about it with loads of info and experiences if you are interested. 😊

They both still use it daily with effect.