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Anyone else like me???

Hi everyone,

My name is Emmie. i'm 22 years old. I apologise for the long thread but this is basically my story. I guess my aim in joining this forum is to...i don't know really, maybe just see if there are others like me, to obtain re-assurance that i am not just some medical freak show.
I've always had digestive issues as long as i can remember. Been told numerous times as a child that i had IBS on top of the lactose intolerance.
When i turned 12, i was very very ill and it wasn't until i was 15 that the doctors diagnosed me with endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. I had many surgeries and loads of medications. Obviously since they are both chronic illnesses and i never really had any relief.
When i was 19, my symptoms got much worse. the abdominal pain intensified. mainly on my RHS but also on my LHS. I was having diarrhea constantly, constipation, nausea after eating, vomiting usually followed. I lost 10 kgs, i was weak, tired all the time, my joints ached and so did my lower back. i experienced bloating after food, EXTREMELY painful bowel movements, painful passing of gas, muscular aches, migraines, dizziness and such. I am 22 now and my symptoms haven't abaited. i sometimes get 2-3 months of relief before the cycle starts all over again.
I have seen 5 gastroenterologists in the past 3 years. have done extensive tests. but nothing is showing up. my colonoscopy biopsies only showed mild active inflammation with few neutrophils scattered here and there.
I had a laparoscopy, had my inflammed appendix removed. I was told they found scar tissue, mostly on my gallbladder and fluid in my pelvis but all this seems normal to the specialist.
The only lead i have so far is gastroparesis, as i did a pillcam endoscopy and the pillcam remained in my stomach for 5 hours.
I've been told to go on the gastroparesis diet which is only liquid and vegetarian. I'm not minding it so much because eating red meat and chicken and such cause intense pain but it isn't a cure.
Noone is wanting to help me and doctors tend to use the word rare, unheard of around me making me feel like a freak. I've also been told to take anti-depressants...flippin unbelievable:eek2:
I mean i wouldn't be trying so hard if i didn't really believe there is something not quite right with me. It's affecting so many aspects of my life and i don't know if i should still pursue it. try another specialist or do as they say and wait for something dramatic to happen.

Anyone out there like me??? i'm despairing and about to give up!
I'm no doctor so I can't speak to a specific medical link in the symptoms. Granted they are all related.

I can say antidepressants are quite common in situations like this. I see many sig lines on here of people's meds and there's usually something.

I don't know if its the stress from all the initial doctors visits, depression about the condition, depression about the treatment or
Am combination there of.

And I'll let you know how good or bad of an idea this 23andme genetic testing indent off form ends up being. Could be a major TMI moment, but also could be an AHHA!
Hi inpain90 and welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear that you are going through so much pain and problems without any answers. I have also suffered for many years without any answers, I know how frustrating that can be.

I see that you mentioned that you might have gastro paresis. Have you done a emptying scan yet? That is when you eat some radioactive oatmeal or scrambled eggs and the take scan periodically to see how fast it moves through your stomach.

You are definitely not alone and you have come to a great place to talk with others in a similar boat. Feel free to ask any and all questions that you have and also you can just vent if you need to. We are always here to lend a ear.