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(Anyone else?) surgery to remove ileum, fistula to the bladder. 3 years ago and I still have bladder pain?

I had my ileum removed 3 years ago. CRP is great. Everything has been great. But, I had a complete fistulas through to my bladder that he also removed. He didn’t have to surgically repair my bladder. Instead it pulled it off of there and left tissue there for it to heal. The top right part of the dome of the bladder. It’s been 3 years and I still have pain in that spot on and off consistently. Has anyone else had this same situation?


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New York, USA
Not that specifically - but I do get occasional pain near my old appendectomy scar if I pull or stretch the wrong way. Remember as your body heals, it forms scar tissue and that should be what you are feeling. If it gets too bad or bothersome I would at least check with your doctor to make sure there aren't any adhesions that might cause problems down the road.