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Anyone ever discontinue Humira?

Hello all

Curious to know if anyone successfully come of humira and tried an alternative treatment such as medical marijuana with any success? I have had a couple of complications with humira over the past few months. A leg wound that became necrotic and would not heal, a dental bone graft that was successful but still has not closed in over two months (skipped dose for procedure) and now need another dental bone graft and oral surgeon wants me to skip a dose. GI does not want me to skip as he worries I will build up antibodies and it will no longer work. Oral surgeon is adamant that I must skip it in order for any type of surgical procedure.

I am so tired of all the complications, and still 3 years later am not comfortable injecting what I consider to be poison into myself -- so I am exploring other options...
It is so frustrating when the medication you need causes other problems. Perhaps there are drugs out there that may be better for you. I have heard that entyvio is a gut specific drug so maybe you would not have so many issues on that? I'm not very knowledgeable about entyvio. I have recently became aware of it because I feel that I need to switch from humira due to reactions i'm having. There are some people that have done the specific carbohydrate diet and claimed it helps them, so you may look into that. Let us know what you decide to do in the future.