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Anyone ever have a sore in their mouth

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with Crohns and/or Ulcerative Colitis a little over a year ago. I was first put on Asacol, which worked pretty good for me but my doctor switched me to Lialda because I complained so much about taking so many pills per day. I'm really not sure if I'm in remission or not because I still have lots of days that aren't so good but they're not near as bad as when I was first diagnosed. I was always very healthy up until I was diagnosed. Although I've had my share of stitches and broken bones throughout the years, I know it's only because I grew up with three big brothers and was sort of a tomboy back then. But it does seem that since I was diagnosed, I'm suddenly falling apart. Does anyone else feel this way? Also has anyone here had problems with mouth sores? I was eating supper one night when I felt a blister like sore pop up on the roof of my mouth. It was so weird. Almost like I'd burned it with hot food but what I was eating wasn't that hot. It was still there the next morning and it really hurt to eat or drink anything. It even kind of hurt to talk. I called my dentist to see if he'd look at it for me. He got his little mirror tool and scraped it until it bled and pus came out of it. (Gross...I know)He also prescribed some antibiotics for me. That was about six months ago and I still have a raised, scar like place where it was. I was just wondering if this sounds Crohns related or not.


Hello Kimmie

I have yet to be diagnosed, but I get sores in my mouth a lot that take a long time to go away. Mostly, when Im having a bad time I will get like 5 sores at once in my mouth which makes it really hard to eat. Im sorry yours is taking so long to go away. Mine usually go away within a month or so.

I have read in my time researching Crohns that it is a side effect of some people to get mouth sores. Also, my doc says that can be a side effect.

I hope u feel better!
hey there kimmie

i have sores in my mouth from the crohns as well, but different than what youre describing. for me, i get these "cold sores" in the corners of my lips and also what feels like papercuts on the insides of my cheeks and along the bottom of my gums.
i went to see an oral physician who specialized in autoimmune inflammation type things, and she gave me some creams that seem to help.
from what ive heard though, mouth sores are a common part of crohns
good luck with everything :)
Thanks Tummy & Kello. I've heard mouth sores can be caused by crohns but I wasn't sure if they were certain types or not. Mine doesn't seem like a cold sore at all. When I told my dentist that I had crohns, he just sort of laughed and said crohns was related to the tummy, not the mouth. I figured he was wrong but since he's a dentist, I didn't give it much thought after that. I know one thing though, I'm really tired of ALL the things that are associated with it. Thanks again for your responses. I hope you both are in remission and feeling great.
Hi Pen. I take Nexium too but I didn't know it had anything to do with my gall bladder. I had mine out while I was pregnant. I had to wait until my second trimester, then we (the baby and I) had surgery. I have a hiatal hernia but I figured it was because I probably eat worse than anyone I know. I love red meat and junk food...lol. I'm trying to eat better but it's hard for me. This sore in my mouth, or what's left of it, doesn't hurt anymore. It's more like a scar or something. I don't think it's going to go away. I just really wasn't sure if it was crohns related or not. You're certainly right. What ISN'T related?
Kimmiekay said:
When I told my dentist that I had crohns, he just sort of laughed and said crohns was related to the tummy, not the mouth. I figured he was wrong but since he's a dentist, I didn't give it much thought after that. /QUOTE]

Hah! Shows how little he knows! :voodoo: I've only been diganosed since early this year, but I do know that mouth ulcers are part and parcel of Crohn's. I've been told that the ulcers that you see on the inside of your mouth are the same type of ulcers you get all through your GI system - which involves everything from the mouth to the anus.

I also get those little blisters that sudddenly pop up whilst eating which then burst and become ulcers. Ouch! They aren't fun. Cold sores are different, still to do with Crohn's but more because of being run down and low in Vitamins etc.:ybatty:

I find gargling with salt when I've got them helps heaps (even if it tastes gross) and I use an antiseptic and antibacterial mouthwash to help prevent them.

Hope this helps. BTW, welcome Kimmiekay - don't think we've met yet!
For as long as I can remember I have gotten canker sores. Mostly on the insides of my cheeks and lips. But, since having Crohn's I have gotten different kinds of sores like on my tongue.
Thanks for the link Colt, and thanks to all who've shared their experiences. Even tho I knew the theory it has been so good (in a sad, shared sort of way) to know that others have gone thru the same. The amount of times I have been told that I got mouth ulcers/cold sores cos I was run down, ate the wrong foods, didn't eat enough, didn't look after myself ... and worse! None of those comments helped of course they just made me feel more miserable.

One thing I've found real helpful for cold/canker sores is ICE. Rubbed on the area, it is esp. useful just at that 'tingly, uh-oh' stage when you know you've got one coming. I've been told that they use the same treatment to relieve herpes elsewhere. Hope it might help others.
Nice to meet you too CookieCat. Thanks for your help. Thanks for the link Colt and thanks to everyone else too. I have never gotten canker sores or fever blisters or anything. I was diagnosed last year and all this "crap" (pun intended...lol) is new to me. What you described CookieCat, sounds like what I had. I would've sworn that it was a blister from hot food, except I knew it couldn't have been from what I was eating that night. I didn't expect my dentist to know anything about crohns but I was very thankful that he helped me with it. Well, I better get to work. Have a good day everyone.