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Anyone ever just stop taking meds?


Has anyone ever just stopped listening to your dr and stopped the meds?

If so, have you gotten better or worse?

I feel like I take so much stuff, it may cancel each other out.
I get like this every once in a while. 6 months ago I was taking 10 meds and I couldn't even keep track of what was what, and I wasn't seeing any improvements. So I stopped taking them.. things got much worse.

All I did was talk to my GI and she put me on a much simpler plan, now im only on 3 regular medicines and 1 for pain (depending on the day).
Yer I did that, I was just into remission and sort of slacked. I didnt feel the pain so didnt feel the need, it got to the point where it stopped and then I started to feel ill again. Made me realise how much I depend on them so I have always taken them since. Obviously there are times when I forget from time to time but that doesnt make a difference like it does if you stop.
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At the time I was only on Asacol. I was feeling great and wanted to have another baby so asked if I could stop it. He said to give it try. Within 4 weeks I was back on Prednisone and Asacol....Gained 10 lbs because of the Prednisone. Got pregnant and gained 25lbs...I was one fat pregnant chick!!!
I would never stop taking my meds because, for me, I know that is an invitation to get sick. I think some people have mild disease and can go through years sometimes without a flare and no meds. Me....not so much. I'm pretty much a flare waiting to happen most of the time. I think I always have some low level of inflammation going on.

Mike - if you are on lots and lots of different medications - it might be time to sit with the doc and do a re-evaluation to make sure some of them aren't causing you issues. I think you are on extra stuff beyond the CD meds right? I think sometimes it can be helpful to go back to just the necessary stuff to get by (diabetes and CD meds only) for a month or two and see if you have any improvement you know?
I wouldn't stop taking my meds, but I'm lucky.. now on Humira and even though it is an injection (which isn't too fun), you only have to do it every couple weeks. Patient compliance (i.e. taking the meds prescribed to you) is an important part of getting and staying better, so if you think you can't stick with the regimen they gave you, tell them. Hopefully they can get you on something new that requires less pills. Good luck!
I quit taking asacol back in the day with no ill effects. All I did was poop it out anyway.
I quit taking Pentasa with no ill effects & my doc said it was OK to stay off cuz I was doing good.
I recently quit my Imuran. Haven't told my GI yet. It made me puke bile but my liver profile kept coming back normal, so I quit taking it.

I wish I could quit taking Remicade. *sigh*
It's probably never a good idea to top taking meds altogether.
I would think it would be quite a shock to the body- and some meds,
such as Prednisone, need to be slowly tapered and closely monitored
by your doc, with life threatening effetcs if you were to just stop it.
But YES, I have been tempted on multiple occasions. :)
Especially when I was taking about 20 pills a day and still
felt like CRAP.


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I'm not on any medications at the moment. Some of my symptoms have re-appeared, but I am managing. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment.
But GJG - didn't you come off of meds because everything was quieted down for you? I'm thinking Mike still has some activity going on.
Yeah DON'T just stop the pred, you can really screw yourself over that way. You can cause yourself an Addisonian Crisis which can be fatal if untreated.
stopping meds

mwb3779 said:
Has anyone ever just stopped listening to your dr and stopped the meds?

If so, have you gotten better or worse?

I feel like I take so much stuff, it may cancel each other out.
I have been on 25 mg. of methotrexate per week (injectable) for 6 years and just this week asked if I could stop it. I am so tired of the medicine and it's really doing a number on my immune system. But ... I can't stop it; the doctor, however, was willing to let me try to reduce mg. Wish me luck!

And I wish you luck.



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I echo the pred comments...don't EVER just quit that. It could kill you. Seriously.

I was never good at complying when on Colazal and Asacol. 12 pills or more a day was insane. I stopped. I flared. I ended up making things worse.

Now, I'm religious about my meds. I've always been anti-drugs (more a natural remedy guy). It was a huge adjustment for me that didn't happen overnight.
I'm refractory, meaning I don't respond to any meds.. it's like being in a death spirial. I believe the only way once can abate this disease is through a honest look at our diet/food. I'm convinced that this is the only way I will regain my health and strength. I've tried every medicine known to man, here is what I'm on today:

* I take 20mg of prednisone a day
* I just had a loading dose of Humira 8 days ago, hasn't done a thing

I take a ton of vitamins and supplements

* Vitamin C - 1000mg
* Vitamin D - 1000 IU
* B-12 - 400AU
* B-Complex 1x a day
* Omega 3 (1000 units)
* Folic Acid - 400iu
* High Potency Multi
* Ortho Biotic (see link - http://www.orthomolecularproducts.c...t=q&rand=491b7bbb-da26-46cd-8c6a-1f1ff2c277b6)
* Glutamine Replacement Drink (3500 units)

Don't go off medicine without talking to your doctor... I am not into self medication.


Thanks everyone for your responses. I'm not going off the meds without the dr knowing about it. I just took a look at my pill box today and sighed. It feels like a take a bunch of things.

I went to my new dr today and reviewed everything I'm taking and so far he wants me to say on everything med wise. In fact he wants me on a lose dose of a blood pressure med to protect my liver for the diabetes. He said the supplements are good to be taking because of the Crohn's. He did say there is a super multivitamin out especially for people that have difficulty absorbing vitamins and minerals. Its called FORVIA. I will be checking it out.

It would be nice not to have to be medicated all the time. Just saying.
I can recognise how you feel about the meds. But dont stop taking them belive me they do work. I did precisely that after getting BAD advice from a doctor at the time (but what else is new). After being healthy for years you tend to get too confident in your physical abilities...

Well dont test the odds friend because you WILL get sick again if you stop your meds. Its gauranteed, even if you can make it for a month or two without symptoms.

Its boring... but you can make it easier. It helps to change the way you keep and take your medicines. Like buy a new box for them, prepare them earlier, things like that. I have a box with slots for every day of the week, then i take some time to prepare every pill i will take during the week for it.

If you do that you save the hassle of messing with the boxes and packages every day. But hey you're still taking the pills but what can you do ;/