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Anyone ever take Avelox?

Hey guys. Ive had this allergic sinus thing over a week now. Stuffy nose, mild sore throat, nasty sticky green mucus. Dry cough.
My doc gave me some Nasonex and a 4-day course of Avelox. He says it won't bother my stomach. I hate new antibiotics. They make me nervous. Anyone have any experiences?
I have taken twice it for pneumonia. Didn't have too many issues with it while I was taking it, but did notice some extra D after I was done with them.


I have never used that one either, but with all antibiotics...with us Crohnies we need to watch for the dreaded "D".... so for most of us...this means more than normal...lol!

Good idea to take some acidophilus or other probiotic while taking antibiotics.... not at the same time, mind you, but in between doses if you can. If you can tolerate dairy, sometimes just eating or increasing yogurt is sufficient.

Hope it clears up for you soon!