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Anyone from glasgow

Just a wee shout out to anyone from glasgow......be good to hear from anyone local.
Esp those that attend the Gartnavel general,would love to know if im the only one getting pissed about by the consultant i have,been waiting 2 months now for him to write a referral letter to the surgeon to get the ball rolling on my very much needed surgery,have foned the surgeons secretary to ask for app,but cant get anywhere till this tosspot writes my letter,been constantly on the fone to hospital but to no avail....

Next step is letter of complaint to his superiors and change of consultant....


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Hi hainman. :) I'm not from the UK but it definitely sounds like you're being brushed off at a really bad time. Situations where surgery is needed should have some sort of priority but just under emergency surgeries. Is there someone you can speak with the referrals department and let them know that you're being ignored and that you fear for your well being due to your doctor's neglect at writing up a referral? I know the woman who does the referrals over where I live contacts the doctors themselves when there's and I get what I need done that day.

I'm going to tag Afidz as I know she's had issues finding surgeons and having to wait a long time (she's still waiting) for a much needed surgery.


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I am not from the UK so I don't really understand how your system works but I have needed surgery for well over a year, couldn't find a surgeon to literally save my life. I finally did find one after switching hospitals, and i am waiting in agony for my surgery in the end of March. If your having problems with the hospital now, think about the care you might receive when your recovering. If you have severe complications how easily are you going to be able to get a hold of your doctor. In my experience with surgeries and hospitals, its important to think about that stuff now rather than dealing with the stress of it when your recovering and no doubt, in a lot of pain.
hi afidz,
im pretty much the same as you.been pretty ill for most of last year,kept being told "you need surgery" kept being strung along,once i see the surgeon its "game on" the surgeon is the best to be honest,they sent me to meet a different surgeon last year and my original one got wind of it and went mental,demanding he be the one to do any surgery,shows he actually cares about his patients,the problem is i cant get to see him till the consultant and not my doctor writes a referal letter,hopefully im getting somewhere after frequent fone calls to different nurses secretaries and pestering the life out them it seems my letter has been done and now i just wait to hear from the surgeon....
i hope you get your surgery and it puts an end to your pain...im not in pain as such,just sick of going to the loo about 30times a day and peeing out my butt...

take care and thanks for the reply,means alot

hi crabby,
yeh being messed about a bit but could be light at the end of the tunnel,been annoying the hell out the secretaries to get the consultant to write my referal,seems i have found a wee diamond in the rough,not even my consoltunts secretary but she has been on the ball tracking him down to get him to get his finger out his ass and do his JOB.....
as soon as i see the surgeon i will be explaining im not happy with the way i have been mucked about and demand some answers...

Hi Hainman

I attend Gartenavel Hosital, well I did till I became very ill while abroad and now have been staying in Cornwall and receiving treatment for a GI and surgeon here. I was regularly disappointed with Dr Priest, my GI at Gartenavel. He only seemed interested in if I'd had any bleeding, any other symptoms didn't get much of a response from him. Also I felt it was a disgrace that the blood test results he would have to look at were from my appointment 6 months previously. I tried called the hospital to ask if I should get bloods done at my gp's before the appointment but was told that that's not the way they do it.

I'm hoping to come back to Glasgow soon, but feel so looked after by my team down here that I have registered with a GP here and as a temporary patient in Glasgow so I can have my ilesotomy reversal here in Cornwall.

Can you tell me more about your experience?
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Hi Hainman, I attend Glasgow Royal and they have an excellent gastro set up there and are well covered with experienced consultants and IBD nurses. I believe you can request to see a different consultant - why not tell them you want to move . Stobhill also has a good set up I hear from other Crohns patients...good luck. Don't put up with being messed about but some hospitals are weaker than others in different specialities so as the Crohns isn't going away you may as well may sure to be taken care of by the best people.